Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Angry Hats and Trouble

All Dunbar men love Angry Birds.


Only a grandma would buy these things.

Only boys would love them. (Well in my house that is.)

IMG_5561Bought on Saturday night, they’ve been worn every day since.

Shirts, of course, have been optional.


Every other little boy we know wants one. Where you can find them? I have no idea. They were purchased in a boutique downtown in our little city. So if you’re local they can be found right next to the Princess Carriage ride outside of the Mission Inn. If not… I don’t even know what these things are called. But they seem to be a big hit. My SIL found them on Amazon, HERE.

They are very functional with the beanie, scarf, and mittens all rolled into one.IMG_5563

This guy, however, was too small for one. So we’ll just call him Trouble.


Getting closer.IMG_5624b

And closer.


And now I have to put the camera down to pick up this crawling {adorable} package of Trouble.

Do your kids play Angry Birds? Do you? What’s the hype?

~mrs. dunbar


Mrs. C... said...

My kids, my hubby, and on the rare occasion - I play too. It is fun and you have to strategize. I love the Grandma that purchased those!!! Can't wait to see more winter pictures with those hats on! Good luck getting them off!

Eric and Jenny said...

Yes my boys are both obsessed right now! They would die over those little things, if you find them anywhere let me know!

Amber said...

Found 'em!! Amazon of course... here is the link just in case.

Genn said...

How funny!
No, I do not play. Hate games like that. But Hannah loves it.
Those hats are pretty cute. And functional as three things rolled into one. Ha.

Good to see ya yesterday. Hope you have a good hair day today! :)

Cindy said...

Never heard of Angry Birds...but I am so non-techy and way out of most things mainstream!!:) But the hates are cute and do look super practical!
and that pkg of trouble....yum!!!!
have a happy day

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

to cute. I bet they are staying warm with those hats... ummm scarfs... ummm mittens... winter ensemble!