Friday, February 8, 2013

FOOD-Part 2

Can you name the most common food allergens amongst kids today? There are generallay 8. Try and name them, go.





tree nuts


wheat (gluten)

and shellfish

Most of what Bogie’s diet eliminated was the most common allergens associated with kids these days. But of course, he was on a total detoxification, so it went further than just the common allergens. Not everyone has to do what we did and if you are thinking about completing such a complex and stringent diet- consult your doctor. He was completely monitored by a doctor, he always had enough calories, never went hungry, and was always always hydrated.

We did all of this BEFORE seeing the following video. This video was like the “A-HA” moment of the “YES, this is what we’ve gone through.” It is very informative and I hope will also change the way you think about what you feed your family.

I have more to share, so much more. Stay tuned.

Too read Part One of FOOD.


Genn said...

I had my major A-Ha moment 2 1/2 yrs ago when Michael Pollan was on Oprah.
ANd I am still having them. LIke yesterday, I started Robyn's book... love it... realized how bad soy lecithin is, and that it's a GMO, and realized it's in almost as much as HFC is in! Like chocolate chips. Ugh. And my coffee creamer, loaded with chemicals. So now I'm on a search for something new to replace that.

That video was great. Wish everyone would watch it.

Robin said...

Loved the video! We have been making slow changes in our house as well now that I found out I have a gluten allergy. Now I'm wondering if I should have my kids tested. Always love your blogs and pics :)