Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Olio- miscellany
(I’ve always liked this word.)

And this post is pretty much just a bunch of miscellaneous stuff. Here goes...

Even as I pulled up to the computer to start typing out a much overdue post, Popeye is awakening. It’s like he knows, every time I try to type, he knows and I finish nothing. I’ve become a blog stalker at most. I read my favorite blogs, try to get to some others and then that’s it. Forget commenting. Forget logging new ideas for future us.  Screen’s off until later on in the day or at 9pm at night, when I am too tired to type anything. For those who are still around… THANKS for reading. Thanks so much for commenting. I so enjoy reading all of the comments and hopefully soon I’ll be able to repay the favor, just bare with me.

Here’s a small snippet of today’s happenings…

Today at the Credit Union the line was insanely long, the waiting exceptionally tiresome; well anything these days is with 3 small boys. Popeye pooped about half way through our wait. I kept praying it would not drip out of his diaper and down my hand, luckily it didn’t. As we got up to the front of the line a teller closed her window; of course. So our wait was extended. Finally it was our turn and Bogie decided to bolt across the bank to grab his own personal stack of deposit slips. So there I am holding a baby with poop, watching my runaway, and thanking Monkey for trying to help me wrestle with the diaper bag, my deposit slip, and the check. We were a sight. Thank goodness I wasn’t flustered in the least, just a bit embarrassed that we had an audience of about 20 people watching us. Once our transaction was done and I had my hands on everyone a gentleman called out, “You did good Mom, you did good.”

Made me smile and want to laugh because its a joke to try and get anything done with all 3 boys.

Something else that makes me smile? 

Borrowed baby things. Who wants to pay big bucks when something will be used for a month or two?

Here is my bouncer after being used on 3 boys (Monkey, Bogie, and cousin G-Man.) I sent out a text with a similar picture. My friend laughed and said it was a “Low Rider” so she let me borrow hers. (Thanks, Ali.)May 361

Oh, so the head is supposed to be above the feet?  Nice.

He’s actually very comfortable in this little thing.  I take it all over the house and he just chills as long as he is in close proximity to me. This is my saving grace, because once this thing runs out of fun its back in the arms.May 364

This fancy shmancy infant seat is also a loan. It feels so much more secure than the Graco one we used with the other two Rascals. Car seats have come a long way in 5 years. May 393

The only thing I’m wandering is how in the world I’m supposed to keep this guy rear-facing for 2 years?? Do those legs look like they’ll fit against the seat for another 21 months?May 395

We also have two new {quasi} pets. They live in the front yard and they have brought hours of entertainment to our lives.

This is Alvin.May 373
This is Theodore. (Who I’m pretty sure is a girl.)
  May 368
They are constantly playing tag with each other and a whirlwind of excitement explodes as these two leap from branch to tree trunk to grass and up another tree tree trunk. And then again. And again. And again.  The boys just love it. Who needs TV when you can just watch these guys?
May 378 
May 376May 383 And although they are used to us playing in the yard and getting in and out of our car, they still keep a safe distance from us. Thank goodness, they are cute but they are still wild creatures.

And that’s all I’ve got because I’m out of gas now. Pun, intended.
 Who’s going to see Cars 2 at the end of the month?
I don’t know who’s more excited, the boys or the parents around these parts.
~mrs. dunbar


Nancy said...

love the randomness, my friend! i am embarrassed to say that I have not seen Cars. gasp! i need to though. put it on my summer list, a pre-requisite, right? :) i love the baby bouncer low rider shot. I wish you had some sweet rims and the bass thumping on it... total low rider! :) xoxo

Lori said...

random posts are always fun, and so is free entertainment! we are going to see Cars 2, my boys are sooooo into cars, that is would be so wrong not to fork over the money to take them to see it in the theater

jen@odbt said...

We are!!! Date is marked and we can't wait for Cars2. I think I see Popeye's smile coming out more and more. It will get easier going out with 3.

Genn said...

Great pics Irene!
I'm still reading.
So true about used baby items isn't it? They use them two months at the max and then you are tossing them. Cute pics of the low rider seat too.
Bet the boys love those squirrels in the yard.
And kid movies are getting better and better I think. We just netflixed Megamind and I love it. Oh and so do the kids. :)

Anonymous said...

That's is such a great story about the bank, and so perfect that a man yelled that out to you! I can just see it (as I've been there myself many times!)

Does he really have to stay rear facing for 2 years? I don't remember it being that long. Crazy!

I bet the boys love watching their furry friends.

How's is your little man sleeping at night? Getting longer stretches yet?

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Yes, I will be in your shoes again soon, and by that time you'll sleeping a full 8 hours again:)

Michelle said...

Thanks for checking in, life is crazy for many of us. Just drop in when you can. We'll all be here still.

Megan said...

I love your new header, God bless the USA! I am laughing at the poop/bank incident. We have all been there, only I just had two kids! I love the low rider bouncer and am also amazed at how much baby stuff has changed! But you are so right, a few months and it's a goner!

Keep it up friend, you ARE doing good!

Nicolle said...

I need to learn to keep calm and keep my cool more often like you! :) I love that the gentleman said that to you at the bank....I love when strangers are so nice!

Borrowed baby stuff is the best, for sure!

Eryn said...

Hunter is SO incredibly adorable! I need to come hold this little one while he's still little! ;)