Tuesday, June 28, 2011

128 days

It’s been 128 days since I’ve gotten a full nights sleep.

Four months.

Roughly 3,000 hours.

And all because of this…

June 018 June 021 June 024 The Sailor is four months old.

-This month he has discovered his toes.

-Finds his fingers whenever he’s bored.June 026

-Rolled over three times on his own.

-Began to love bathtime. June 569

-And has pretty much outgrown the infant bath tub. 

June 369 June 376June 377June 379

-He’s moved into 9-12 months clothes and size 3 diapers.

-Weighs just about 15 pounds.

June 159

-He’s found his voice, cooing and babbling any time someone talks to him.June 138June 150 -And he even sat in Papa’s truck like a big boy, even though he chooses to be in Mommy’s arms most of his waking moments. June 404

Naps are short lived, he sleeps for just about an hour at a time during the day.June 592

June 593

The longest he’ll sleep at night is from 8pm to 1am, 5 hours. We’re still working on this.  June 596

He loves to hang out, although he’s not so sure about this jumperoo, so far its lasted about 4 minutes max.  June 598 

What held your kids attention when they were babies?  Any great ideas?

-Oh, and I’ve changed over a thousand diapers, this kid is like a machine.

~mrs. dunbar


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

he is so cute. at that age both my boys liked their play mat because they could bat at the dangling animals, but even better they could look at themselves in the mirro

jen@odbt said...

Look at how much he's grown! I love when they can finally hold up their head. I can't believe he's already 4 months...I know it doesn't feel like that to you though. We never had one but maybe a bumpo? seat would work...they look like it would keep a baby entertained b/c they're sitting up. My guys also loved the squishing up tissue paper but it had to be the metallic looking kind...not paper. That kept them entertained for several minutes.

Alisa said...

He is just so sweet! I love that age where they are big enough to really interact and babble, but not big enough to get away yet :) My kids all really like the jumper and the exersaucer thing at that age. Anything that made them upright and able to wiggle around. The metallic tissue paper stuff is so fun (and noisy) great fun. I so enjoy seeing all your wonderful pic, you are a blessed mama!

AGohl said...

He is such a cutie!

Simply...Me said...

darling boy! He is such a handsome guy! So to keep mine entertained I tried some of these things:

those food mesh bags fill it w/frozen berries, or fresh fruit--teething babes love it

tissue paper great idea Alisa, i did that alot as well.

try out the grass, go on a nature walk. Touch leaves wood, etc..see if he likes it, i think there is something about being outside that is calmng for babies..it would keep mine entertained for at least 20 min.

and yes Lori the mirror is tons of fun we spent and still spend time in front of the mirror.

Keep up the good work mamma.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but he is soooo adorable! Worth every minute of lost sleep, right?

Miss you, friend! Hope to see you soon! How's your summer been?