Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Family at the Lake

One of my favorite memories as a child is speeding over open waters in my Uncle George’s boat. One by one, he’d let the kids gear up in the driver’s seat and put the ‘pedal to the metal’, darting over the waves. Freedom. Exhilaration. Excitement.

If you were a kid, when you weren’t on the boat, you were climbing trees and racing from point to point with all of your cousins. Somewhere in between stopping for snacks,  a soda if you were lucky, and then charging back out again. Dashing and splashing in the water, running in between the adults, and waiting for your turn on the boat.

Ah, those were the days.

Family lake days.

This past weekend a new generation of family spent the day at the Lake. We were like a bunch of first timers. We packed too much food and not enough shelter (or we did but the wind over took it half way through the day.)  I forgot to pack sweats for my family. We discovered ‘water shoes’ are worth every penny. And we remembered just how fun it is to get away with family, just because.
June 405 June 407 June 429

There was no boat this time, but there were jet skis, two of them and they were used pretty much every second of the day. Even most of the Littles went out.
June 419June 444June 433June 431 

Others decided to crash and catch a nap.June 427

Or play at the beach. June 435June 438

The kids lounged in the raft for most of the afternoon. June 441 June 450 June 451 June 452  

They even tried to turn the raft into a bed and take a siesta. June 461June 462 June 463

Water balloon fights were a highlight.June 474 June 475 June 481 June 482 June 485

Only to be reminded of a few boundaries here and there.June 490June 471      June 497June 498June 499

Sailor was passed from hand to hand, arm to arm all day long. June 457
June 491 June 468June 495June 487June 479

And this is where I signed off and put the camera away to enjoy the windy afternoon and watch my kids make some memories with all of their cousins.
~mrs. dunbar


The Chelette Family said...

That looks like a lot of fun! What lake was this at?

Nicolle said...

That lake is beautiful. We don't do the lake much, but I wish we went more often. Your pictures make it look like so much fun! I love the one of your sweet little baby napping. :)

Amber said...

uhhh thanks??? J and I look terrible in those pics! ha ohh well...
We had a ton of fun tho!! =]

Megan said...

I still feel that way every time I get on a boat. I love it. Looks like you have started something great here with the fam. I love how chubby Popeye is getting!

Nancy said...

how fun is that? super, duper summery. i wish i could lay down and take a nap like your sweet baby with my arms spread wide like that. dreamy. :)

Lori said...

looks like a lot of fun for all