Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cycle of the Flu

I hate the flu. But even worse than hating getting it myself, I hate it when my kids get it. Not surprising I’m sure, I mean who actually likes getting the flu?

So that is the reason for my absence these past few days. No pictures were taken. There are really no profound thoughts to ponder. Not even a fun rundown of any happenings in the Dunbar House. Only the flu.
So I hope you and yours are a lot healthier than we have been these past few days.
Feel free to stop reading here.
The following is for my memory and my boys’, whose memory I’m sure will lapse of the previous few days.
As I use this little blog here as a memory keeper, here is a run down of our week.

10:30pm, Monday, Bogie walks into my room starts crying at the door and all of a sudden I hear liquids splashing off the floor in the dark. I jet out of bed as he’s running to my side, pick him up and try to rush him to the bathroom as he is vomiting again down the hall way in my arms. Get him all cleaned up, put back in his bed, on his side and then head back to clean up the rest of the mess in my room and hallway. Curse aloud that I have to clean up chunks of turkey meatballs. And more chunks of turkey meatballs.

11:30pm, Pretty close repeat of 10:30pm.

1:00am, And again the cycle goes.

3:00am, Bogie is dry heaving over the toilet as there is nothing else left in his little tummy. At this time he wants to watch a movie, so we pop in Toy Story 2 and lay on the couch.

4:30am, Stuff starts shooting out of Bogie from the other end.
All day Tuesday, I am trying to recover from the lack of sleep the night before and the headache I am experiencing from all of the fumes from cleaners. Bogie takes a 3 hour nap and I hand Monkey the iPhone to play games on. When Bogie wakes up he’s in a better mood, but stuff is still shooting out of the other end.
Somehow we survive Tuesday, but it was not pretty. Monkey and myself are feeling okay.

8:40 am, Wednesday,  We’re all buckled in the car to take Monkey to school, but when I try to start  the car and it doesn’t. Yup, it’s dead. Call dad. He’s at the gym, but leaves to come jump start my car. He follows me all the way to Monkey’s school with no problems and then drives off.

9:30am Get Monkey all signed in to his class, get Bogie buckled back into his seat, go to start the car and of course… it’s dead. Unbuckle Bogie, walk back up to the school office and ask to use the phone because of course I left my cell phone at home. Call dad. He comes back down to Monkey’s school jumps the car again, follows me home. He says lets clean the battery, meaning he does it. Car still doesn’t start. So he goes to Auto Zone buys a new battery because the old one was dead, like really dead. Comes back to my house puts it in and wha-la car works. Thanks Dad!

Bogie and I jet to the market because we have no food left in the house and barely make it back to Monkey’s school in time to pick him up.  Come home, eat lunch,  and then its nap time. Praise God because I am so tired again. Just as my eyes are closing…

1:30pm Monkey comes out of his room covered, and I mean covered in throw-up. Are you kidding me? So I get him cleaned up, go into his room and he did a great job of leaning off of his bed to vomit, the only problem is it has now splashed onto the bedskirt and quilt. So I try to haul the mattress off of the full-size pillow-topped bed and pull that bedskirt out. Get the wash going again.

And the rest of Wednesday the cycle continues with Monkey vomiting in his room, in the kitchen, in the bathroom and on the couch for the rest of the day.

My hands are now raw from cleaning and scrubbing and washing. And last night, who got the urge to upchuck everything? Me, who else?

And where was Mr. Dunbar you ask? On a business trip of course. And when he gets home later on today, I’m sure we’ll all be over this mess.

Isn’t that ironic?
~mrs. dunbar

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