Friday, November 19, 2010

Hey, Guess What?

I’m FIVE years old today!!  Can you believe it?  Mommy can’t. She’s been staring at me all week long, wondering how it has been FIVE years since I popped out of her belly.
IMG_7256 copy
So, yup, I’m FIVE.
I’ve been counting the days since Monday. Every morning checking the calendar and marking one more day off. Today couldn’t come fast enough.
IMG_7253 copy
Monkey Facts:
I love sports. Seriously love them. I know how to read football and baseball scoreboards and can tell you what each number means and why its up there.
I practice my soccer skills almost daily. Although a pregnant mommy does not make the best opponent.
I can count way past a hundred.
I can do simple math facts and even harder ones (if they we’re talking about touchdowns.)
I don’t really like to write letters, but I can write my name and simple words.
I am starting to read.
I can tell time on a digital clock.
IMG_7224 copy 
I  know more rock songs and artists than Mommy, and I can navigate iTunes like an adult.
I like video games.
IMG_7222 copy 
I use my manners regularly without having to be prompted. Others (adults) are usually impressed with this.
I know how to give a good handshake and introduce myself.
I can ride a two wheel bike.
I’m a funny kid. Who loves to joke around.
I love Jesus and remind everyone that they have to read the Bible each night.
IMG_7264 copy
   So that is me in a nutshell. Have a great day.
~M. Dunbar
IMG_7259 copy Dear Monkey,
I love you with all of my heart. You are precious child with your daddy’s personality and a heart of gold. This will be a big year for you and I am so excited to wake up each and every morning and see what big things happen for you each day.
You extrapolate the best in others.
You shine without limitation.
You are a gem.
Love you, Love you.


Cathy said...

Hey Monkey! Happy 5! Enjoy your day!! xo your mom's buddy in Ohio...home of the OSU Buckeyes (football), the Blue Jackets (hockey) and the Columbus Crew (soccer)!

Alisa said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! I think you and my little Josiah would be fast friends if you lived any where near us :) You guys are so very alike!

jen@odbt said...

Happy Birthday Monkey! What a big boy you're getting to be. Loved learning more about you - knowing sports stats is impressive! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Mrs. C... said...

Happy Happy Birthday Monkey!!!! Oh, I miss the days when we would play regularly! Enjoy your day, and enjoy your toys from Bubba - he's been playing with his ever since you got yours!!! Mwah and love you lots!!!

Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

Seriously. Cutest kid ever.


Lori said...

Happy birthday. Hope you have a fantastic day and enjoy celebrating that big 5th year

{cindy} said...

Happy 5th!!:)
What a great list of fun facts, feel like I know the little guy.
Hope the day was wonderful

Ashley said...

Oh Wow!! 5! That is big!!
We will hit that milstone this summer, so hard to believe!! Hope yall had a great day!

Amber said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy!
We love your contagious smile, your easygoing, playful nature. The way light up a room when you enter it. Your inquisitiveness is just perfect for a 5 year old boy! We are so blessed to have you in our family.

We cant wait to celebrate your special day with you
lots of love

Megan said...

I remember thinking the same things when both of mine turned 5 - how did it go so fast? Cliche but so true! Great pics and a great little monkey!

Genn said...

What a sweet post! Lots of birthdays all around it seems. Great pictures. Happy Birthday Monkey!