Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pre-School Conclusion and Summer Food

I never did show the end of the school year pics of Bogie. He was up bright eyed and ready to hula for his end-of-the-year luau. The other 2 were practically still asleep, but he was so excited.


Bogie had a great year and really and truly fell in love with school. So many times he told me that he “wanted to go to school 6 days a week!” I kept telling him ask your teachers if that’s okay with them. IMG_1412

And his teachers, oh his teachers, women after my own heart. They loved my boy and took such great care of him. They taught him so much and he just thrived in so many ways, academically, socially, physically, and most important spiritually. Their love for Jesus just emanated and it was contagious in their classroom.IMG_1414

Mrs. Arroyo especially loved my Bogie. She would tell him on Fridays that she loved him and it just melted my heart because I knew she really did. She’s got 5 kids of her own and she always told him she would take him home in a heart beat because he made her laugh. I loved everything about her. IMG_1432IMG_1415IMG_1434

I am so grateful that his first experience with school was such a positive one. Bogie is my all or nothing kid and WOW was school ever just his favorite thing this past year.


I don’t know about you but it is starting to heat up over here and I really don’t feel like cooking, like at all. So here’s a snippet of what we’ve been eating.

Greek Salad, my absolute fave. IMG_1472

Strawberries, I opened up the most perfect basket of them this week. Picture perfect and super sweet. IMG_1458

And a nice green salad with a slice of flax ciabatta and ice water.


Of course I didn’t take a picture of the ice-cream I’ve been devouring every single night or the package of Lacey’s I single handedly ate myself. Ahh well.

We all have to indulge a little right?


Sarah said...

How wonderful for your little all or nothing boy! Oh, yes we love a good greek salad in our house too! Strawberries are a favourite too here! xxx

Three Aderholds said...

Girl, you need to teach me your health secrets. I need to eat healthier and your food looked yummy!

Nicolle said...

I'm so glad that Bogie loved school so much. The pictures and what you wrote just melted my heart. I especially love his smile in that last picture, with his cookie!

Your summer foods look good. I am loving fruit and salads this summer.


Denise said...

flax ciabatta bread?! where do you find that?

so good that your little guy was well loved by his teacher. i taught preschool for 10 yrs, i did love many of my students and as they come to mind still pray them.

Jensamom23 said...

What a great experience for your son! Mmmm...great food I am hungry!