Monday, June 11, 2012

Longest Post for the Mini Vacay

We headed out of town last weekend for a mini vacay with the fam. Leaving right at dawn gave me an hour or two for some good reading material and a Coke Zero for Mr. Dunbar. IMG_1177 IMG_1184This is the scenery on the way to Vegas so I just kept on reading, while the voices in the back seat wanted to know, “How many more minutes? Are we there yet? and How much longer?” Because they were just too excited.

We stay at a really nice resort that is just off of The Strip. My kids think that Vegas is all about hotels, good food, and really big swimming pools. We pretty much stay at the resort the whole time. Swimming and playing and eating and then repeating. That was the agenda for the weekend.

By 7am the next morning, this is what they were doing. Just as planned.  IMG_1187IMG_1189IMG_1190IMG_1191IMG_1192IMG_1193IMG_1195

Gramma was out there leading the pack. They were following her around the pool like a bunch of baby ducks… for hours. IMG_1200IMG_1201IMG_1202

Resting poolside.IMG_1205IMG_1206IMG_1217IMG_1219

Mr. Dunbar and his Mini. IMG_1221IMG_1224IMG_1233

And of course by the end of the night… here is how we found all of the hooligans.IMG_1244

Mr. Dunbar took the kids down the next morning. Can you find him? How about the hooligans?IMG_1256IMG_1260IMG_1261IMG_1264IMG_1267IMG_1271IMG_1283IMG_1284

Papa with his Mini.


Babies just love their Uncle.IMG_1303



Even the kids enjoyed some margaritas and pina coladas. Virgin, of course. IMG_1337IMG_1338

My Grandma, the kids Great-Grandma, came on the trip with us. I think we wore her out by 10am.


We ended our trip with dessert and treats at the Rainforest Café. A must for my kids in Vegas.

Tired, Bogie?


The guys got crazy and ordered Root Beer Floats. IMG_1385IMG_1386

And then dessert was delivered. VOLCANO.IMG_1387IMG_1389IMG_1388

Papa posing for the Big Fight that was on that night. IMG_1399

Bye, bye Vegas.

We ended up leaving earlier than planned because the population in Vegas was off the hook this weekend. There was this big fight, a convention, a big concert and the EDC. Do you know what that is?  I didn’t-until we were there. It was a 3 day rave and let me tell you, those “kids” were everywhere. And my heart just broke for them. Mr. Dunbar told me they expected 345,000 people to attend. Almost a half million people! All of the ones that we saw just looked so lost. I just kept thinking, “They are all searching for belonging, for acceptance, for joy and they are so not going to find it there.”  I shouldn’t have been as surprised as I was, I mean come on, we were in Sin City, I was just overwhelmed seeing so many lost souls. Truly lost souls pouring into something that is only going to take them further from true Joy. So so scary. 

Even as we drove up our street in the middle of the night there was so much peace about being in our little corner of Suburbia. I just thanked God that my three little men were in the car with me and not out there in that craziness.  Mr. Dunbar and I spent enough time “living it up” before we got married. We even spent a few weekends partying it up in Vegas. But this was madness like I never experienced. Again, so super crazy and sad.

But,  to end on a happier note…IMG_1333

The kids decided next year they’re going to Hawaii.

Start saving your pennies guys.


{snippets from last year’s getaway HERE}


Nicolle said...

I LOVE all of these photos, especially the family pics of the 5 of you.

So I had to google EDC, and I still am not sure what it really is, but it does look awful, and it is so sad. Lost souls is right, and I don't mean to sound judgemental at all, but it's very, very sad. I wonder if any of them are Christians? I wish that kind of time and money and energy would go into something more positive in this world. AGH!

Yes, on a positive note, I say Hawaii sounds perfect for next year.


Genn said...

Well for a short weekend it looks like you guys packed in a ton of fun!
Love the family pics and I love your cute pink swimsuit.
I have heard of that EDC thing before and yes it is so sad. And so very scary too.

I'm dying to take my gang to Hawaii. One of these days. I want them all to be old enough to remember it ya know.

ps I think your brother and Amber's baby looks a lot like your baby, only your baby doesn't look like a baby anymore!

Jensamom23 said...

Looks like a great vacation...I love that book, by the way. Great stuff.