Friday, May 11, 2012

For Mother’s Day


Even when they’re sad, or in trouble…


Even when they do things they aren’t supposed to do…


and then smile about it.


Even when they go head-first into the wrong direction…


Remember that this is your life’s greatest work and this is the world’s hardest job. But God entrusted them to you.


Trying to swallow my own advice today, but most definitely wishing you a love–filled Mother’s Day.


jen@odbt said...

Love your words and pics girlfriend! Have a love-filled, fun-filled, lots of belly laughs Mother's Day. I'm sure your boys will be spoiling they should every day.

Shannon said...

ADORABLE~great advice and I'm with you on trying to remember it ;)
Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!!!

Nicolle said...

Love this post and the sweet pictures.

Happy Mother's Day to you!

{cindy} said...

Beautiful and oh so true!
happy mother's day!!:)

Megan said...

Made me smile...Happy Mother's Day Irene!