Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Perfect Mother’s Day

As always in the Dunbar home… a little snippet of keeping it real from Mother’s Day.

IMG_0646Someone was calling “MooooOOOOOMMMMM” from the crib at 5am. Someone else threw a bag at my face with a muffin baked probably a week ago, while I was still in bed. Another someone was pleading from the toilet for “Someone to wipe him.” Mr. Dunbar did relieve me of baby duty and let me sleep for an extra half hour,  in which he did go get Starbucks. When I got up, the Nordstrom bag was waiting for me on the chair, with the running shoes I had requested, receipt and all. Since I slept in so late there was no time to wash and dry my hair so I threw it back into a pony as we headed to church. My mom and dad and MIL were in attendance and afterward we had a nice lunch at BJ’s while someone was always chasing the Chunk. Since it was a special occasion we had a pizzookie; sugar overload for my boys. All I wanted was a nap when we got home but everyone insisted on bouncing off the walls in their rooms. No naps were had by anyone so we decided to go on a bike ride. Bogie hit a rock and fell on the way back home. My plans of no dishes, no laundry, no floors were kicked to the curb by 5pm. If I didn’t start now, I’d only pay for it later. At 7pm Mr. Dunbar and I put on a movie, (original Karate Kid… a real chick flick) so I could somewhat relax while folding laundry. The Joy.

IMG_0670Every day is Mother’s Day. Every day someone is calling me, tugging on me, needing me in some way for some reason. So while it wasn’t an ideal Mother’s Day, it was a day for me to reflect on these boys of mine that have made me a mom; each of them with their little quirks and smirks make me laugh and drive me crazy. And I know some day I’ll get the day off to go shopping or actually get to sleep in. For now I’ll take the craziness that consumes our days.


My Mother’s Day may have not been the Hallmark movie that we all envision, we are actually more like the Comedy Channel around here, but it was in fact perfect. Dunbar Style.


Eric and Jenny said...

I love your keepin it real post, so true to actual life. It's easy to paint a pretty picture, but that is just so not accurate. But hey at least you got to sleep in a bit, that never happens.

Love that last picture of you and the little guys shadows holding hands...precious.

Heather said...

Very cute pictures. Your baby is so adorable. I really like that last picture of you. Glad you had a great Mother's Day, reality and all. :)

Gabe said...

Love, love that one in the car seat. . .priceless!!

Nothing says mothers sat like come wipe me!

Nicolle said...

The pictures are so sweet! I'm glad you had a good Mother's Day, even with all the "real" stuff. I got up early with Boyd that morning, cleaned the kitchen, did other things around the house, etc. You are right, we are still mom's even on that day and it can still be crazy, but it's a great life!

Megan said...

This made me smile because your Mother's Day sounds like the real deal. Love the pics of you and the boys! You look beautiful!