Friday, May 4, 2012

SuperBoy is Super Fast

Bogie’s school had their Trike-A-Thon this past week. He was super excited and insisted that we decorate his scooter. IMG_0395IMG_0399

The child looks exactly like his dad in this picture. (Goofy face, ha!)



At the very last minute the school officials would not let any more scooters on the track. Which was a major bummer. But Bogie recovered real fast and decided to ride one of the school trikes.


Bogie’s cheering section.IMG_0429

And his medal for a Good Job. IMG_0435

Look at that fake smile. Hold on, I think I hear Colgate calling right now.



Gabe said...

Oh little boys....I miss those days!!

That first one is awesome, he is rockin that cape!!

lori said...

this is absolutely adorable! love his missing tooth smile!! :)

Genn said...

colgate calling, haha! too funny.

okay, so in the very first picture i was just thinking how much your oldest looks like your husband and i though bogie looks just like you in that picture! but in the second one, yes he looks more like mr dunbar. :)

we just went to parent orientation for h's kinder class. learned all about the trike-a-thon. so fun, can't wait.

great pics as always.
have a good weekend!