Thursday, May 3, 2012

Leftovers and Love

Mr. Dunbar and I had a quick bite to eat at one of our favorite little dives here in town. Do you have those places that you’re like, “MMMM…. I need some (insert favorite meal) from (insert favorite restaurant).”

Well that is me with this Tom Kha Gai soup. It’s a Thai soup with coconut milk and chicken with mushrooms and it is delicious. I’m not a big fan of mushrooms myself but this soup is really good and at our little restaurant that we love so much it’s brought out in a really neat contraption.


They bring it out boiling hot and then light a little flame in the middle to keep it steaming while you eat and chat and help yourself to more.


Somehow this past week, we didn’t finish it all and ended up bringing it home. The next day I packed it in Mr. Dunbar’s lunch. Usually if I’m willing to bring something home as leftovers, you better know, I’m going to eat it. But as the loving wife that I am I sent him to work with it.

Now that was an act of love.

I guess he’ll just have to take me to dinner again.


{cindy} said...

Oh I love lunch leftovers:)
how sweet of you to give it away.
have a happy day

Genn said...

You gave Mr Dunbar the soup!
Oh you do love him don't you? :)

Fun night out, I love those.

And your bangs, girlfriend I think they look fine. I do see how they are kinda flippy a little, is that what you are talking about? The longer they get the easier they will be to straighten. But you know what I think you need?
Bralizan Blowout. ;)