Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our Little Mail

We like to send mail to our far away cousins. So when I read on Pinterest of all the neat things you could send through that blue box I was on the lookout for something fun for a surprise. Well of course we found them in the Dollar Spot at Target.


My partner and I walked right up to the post man and asked how much postage we needed to mail these. The post lady (actually) thought we were nuts and went to got ask if these could indeed be mailed.




Yup. They were a go and for $1.95 each they were on their way. IMG_0587

Cousins just called and said that they received them.

Snail mail sure can be fun.


Robin said...

So super cute..I never knew u could do that. Summer bucket list number 1...snail mail! Awesome! Thanks friend :)

Genn said...

What a clever idea. I will have to remember this.

Loved your keepin it real post about mother's day too.

Hope all is well.
You going to the N sale next week? It starts wed the 23rd. I'm gonna be there for a bit in the morning. Maybe I'll see ya?

Nicolle said...

That is so fun! I knew you could mail some things without a box, but I had no idea frisbees were one of them. I love that!

Have a great weekend friend.

Megan said...

I love cousins.

Jensamom23 said...

Adding this to my summer list of fun things to do! LOVE IT!