Tuesday, May 1, 2012

35 Big Ones

I know, I know, two posts in one day?? 

This one got away from me though, you know the post you thought all day about writing and then just couldn’t find the time to actually sit down and put it together. Yeah, well that’s this one… a day late.

My parents celebrated their 35th Wedding Anniversary yesterday, April 30th.

I wanted to show you their wedding photos, how young they looked. Actually how young they were… only 18 and 19 years old. Crazy kids. I wonder what my dad would have said if I told him I was getting married when I was 18. I bet I would have gotten a big, “Yeah right!”

But my parents did it. And their parents okayed it. Crazy grandparents! 

I’ve searched this computer high and low to find a picture of them together, but I couldn’t find one. Not one.

You see when we are together they are always taking care of everyone else. Setting up tables, preparing food, watching sports, playing with grandbabies, searching the house for another battery for yet another toy.


And because they are still married and still operating as one unit…they make us laugh. They make us play games. They support us when we need help and send us back to our spouses when run “home.” They buy us dinner when we call them and ask if they want to go out to dinner. They paid for college, and cars, and cell phones and credit cards. (Until we got married of course.) They do lots of things to support us and encourage us and love us.IMG_6817

But this is where they are happiest, surrounded by their grandkids. One of which is so new he’s not even in this shot from Christmas (he was still in the belly at the time.)

They are are a great support and great parents and they have survived it all.

Thanks for staying married and being an example to each of us.



Gabe said...

I hope David and I look that happy some day!!

Love this!

jen@odbt said...

Happy Anniversary! What a great looking family and what a great example for you. My parents just celebrated 40 and my husband's celebrated 50. Hope to get there too.

Kerri said...

How wonderful to still have both your parents happy and together.
Congratulations to them!

Genn said...

Aww, what a sweet post.
Happy 35th to them!!!
Your parents look so great.
I love that family shot of you and your brothers with them. Your Mom is so pretty, and you will look just like her. You do now!

Loved the pics from the mason jar shower. And how cute that the baby's name will be Mason. Love that idea. So clever.


Eric and Jenny said...

What a sweet post!

Your parents look so wonderful, and what a beautiful family shot.

Happy 35th to them, so inspiring!

Anchored Crew said...

What beautiful things you wrote, i love it!
Happy Anniversary Uncle Art and Aunt Suzie!

{cindy} said...

Happy Happy Anniversary to your folks.
I can see the love.:)
have a happy day