Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Belly Update

Well, I’m 29 weeks along. Can you believe it? Although the hours are starting to get longer as picking things up off of the floor is becoming more of a struggle, time is flying by.
xmas 2010 023bxmas 2010 038b
Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 29 Weeks
Size of baby: Baby D is just about 15 inches and 3 pounds.
Total Weight Gain: Gained 17lbs pounds, unbelievable!
Maternity Clothes: Okay it seems practically every time I show a belly shot, I’m wearing a black shirt. For some reason I’ve gotten several shirts in black.
Gender: BOY, and still nameless.
Movement: This guy is pretty mellow still, but when I am driving (like actually sitting still), he is rocking and rolling. So I’m thinking that perhaps he’s not as mellow as I think, I’m just so busy chasing after the others I don’t even notice this one’s movements.
Sleep: Yes, I am drained by the end of the day. But my bladder size is shrinking, so that means more middle of the night trips to the bathroom.
What I miss: Being able to walk in the mall or grocery store without getting contractions.
Cravings: Cookies and holiday sweets.
Symptoms: He is starting to sit on my lower back, which isn't fun.
Best Moment this week: Getting a fun little outfit in the mail, I had ordered it online.  xmas 2010 032b
And for the family shots, I propped the camera up on my trunk on top of two dog bowls, leaned over as far as I could to focus, pushed the button and then ran like the dickens towards the wall before the camera started shooting. We were a riot, but they had to be done so I could get the Christmas cards out. The boys were stoked to wear ties, and Mr. Dunbar was thankful that he didn’t have to. Sort of an inverse in outfits, from the norm. xmas 2010 006b
Doesn’t this guy look like a future politician? xmas 2010 077
He actually reasons and argues like he already is one. Oh joy.
~mrs. dunbar


Anonymous said...

So gosh darn cute!!! Every one of you :)

Cathy said...

Oh my golly! Where do i start? YOU look beautiful! Those shoes rock (hey, i just saw at Target this am some "packable flats" for $10...near the purses! you need those to finish up your pregnancy!) Those ties on the boys? Awesome. And hubby is adorable. That last picture made me laugh OUT LOUD...what a cutie-patootie :)

Lori said...

great pictures and the boys are just wayyy too cute in those shirts and ties. you look fantastic, and I would never have worn those heals while pregnant... kudos to you

Genn said...

Cute post!
What I wanna know is, how do you run like the dickens in those sky high heels? :)
Great family photos. I love it. I might just do that next year.

Anonymous said...

Your belly is cute! I remember 29 weeks... And have a feeling I'll be there again before I know it!
Your family pics are great! I'm hoping to get ours done Thursday.. if not, I'll be doing the self timer thing too!

jen@odbt said...

Totally made my day. Your pictures turned out so great. I love the boys in ties...makes me think ahead for next year for my boys. I'm impressed with the family shot 1) great timer shot and 2) that you ran in those heels (they are hot!).

Kerri said...

Your family picture is just GORGEOUS! Your boys are so cute! And, you are the cute pregnant woman I always wanted to be! I gained 70lbs (and enjoyed every minute of it!) when I was pregnant w/ my son. There was nothing cute about me! You look great!

Ashley@The Vanilla Tulip said...

LOOOOVE your outfit! The heels are fabulous! And where did you find that black shirt? I love the fit of it!

Ashley said...

Ok, you are TOO cute! I need to document this belly more! Try picking up with your toes...ha ha, that is what I am having to do these days!:)

Anonymous said...

are you kidding me! you took those yourself! they are wonderful! and you look so cute! i wanted to look like you when i was pregnant! didnt happen! and i am lovin that you are wearing some hot red high heels!

Eryn said...

First of all, totally been there with the "run as fast as you can to get into the photo and look somewhat normal".
Second, the fact that you're pregnant and in HEELS and can do this better than I can is pretty awesome on your part.
Third, love the ties, your kids are so adorable! :)

Mrs. C... said...

Hot Shoes Mrs. D!!! I never wore those kind of shoes in my prego days and you rock it, like it is NOTHING!!! Your Mama would be proud. Can't wait to hold little baby again. Maybe you should just keep having babies, as you do it so well. :) Tee Heee. I can't even type that without a giggle. I am still working on names....

Mrs. C... said...

Oh, and tell Monkey, the shoes were worth waiting for on him. They are adorable and clean. Not as sassy as the tie, there is just something about a man (any size of man) in a tie, that makes my heart flutter.

Amber said...

im inspired to put on some heels! its been way too long!

cute pictures

Michelle said...

You guys are so cute. Glad to hear all is going well with your pregnancy. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Simply...Me said...

Great picture of you and the boys, all three of them :)

Seizing My Day said...

I love your family pics!! You look fabulous pregnant!!.. and that baby bump is so lovely!! I will never sport one of those again!! though sometimes... I wish... ha ha... not that much!
I can't get over that you can wear heals at 29 weeks! ;) and run in them!! ;)

Jensamom23 said...

So cute!

Megan said...

Can you tell I'm catching up on your blog? I LOVE these pics and think you are too cute in those red shoes! So fun!