Friday, December 10, 2010

Advent Activities

Each day the boys and I have a small activity, project, or service planned through Christmas. Nothing spectacular or expensive. Lots of sugar involved and hopefully fun-filled time. Just moments of small things like “Cut Out Paper Snowflakes” and “Go to Barnes and Noble for a new Christmas book.” We’ve “Painted ornaments” and made “Special Holiday Chex Mix.”

Of course one of our first activities was to make a Nativity Scene.xmas 2010 278 copy xmas 2010 279 copy

One day it was “Create Marshmallow Snowmen.”xmas 2010 220 xmas 2010 227 xmas 2010 229 xmas 2010 269

String a Paper Garland.

xmas 2010 271 copy

Bake and decorate cupcakes.xmas 2010 232 copy  xmas 2010 254 copy xmas 2010 255  xmas 2010 265   xmas 2010 253 copyxmas 2010 260

I can’t reveal all of the day’s activities because some of them are service projects and surprises for loved ones. But we are going to do the “Drive-thru Difference” and pay for someone else’s coffee one morning, if all works out “Deliver Sweets of Gratitude to the Fire Station,” and “Leave a treat for the Lawn Guys.”

Little projects.

Bits of time.

Lots of love.

(If you want the whole list I’ll email it to you.)

~mrs. dunbar


Megan said...

So inspiring to see you making time for the best things of the season: crafts, sweets and giving to others. I love your pictures of what you guys are up to. This is the best time of the year!

Lori said...

how fun. we have done a lot more this holiday season, but certainly not every day. I bet your boys are LOVIN' it!

Cathy said...

you rock. and Jesus smiles watching!

Robin said...

very your blog and created a list of things to do as well. we started by making our marshmellow snowmen. Glad you are enjoying this holiday season. Great pics as always :)

Mrs. C... said...

What I LOVE about this, is that you could almst cut out hearts and write each one down as a present for Jesus. These are the little things that matter most to him this season that are warming HIS heart. I even think that if the snowman was given to a person in a Hospital, it would be considered great works of art, for it was given from the heart. Great job Mommy!

Jensamom23 said...

Great ideas!