Monday, March 26, 2012

A day on the farm

Kindergarten went to the farm last Friday. For a lot of the kids it was the first time they had ever seen a real live working farm and it was the first time they got to ride the bus. It’s a toss up which was more fun.


Our Farmer Guide. She was really funny and engaging. IMG_9632IMG_9637IMG_9638IMG_9640IMG_9642

IMG_9658Grandma TinaIMG_9643IMG_9650IMG_9652IMG_9666IMG_9669IMG_9674IMG_9678IMG_9679IMG_9681IMG_9680IMG_9683IMG_9684

Brushing the horse. He was a little finicky and would head butt if you brushed on the other side.



Milking the cow. Yuck.


I thought this was interesting. IMG_9707IMG_9721IMG_9723IMG_9725

Frozen yogurt at the end of the day with friends. All girls. He didn’t even notice, he said,
“Mom, they’re my friends.” “Good,” I told him. IMG_9730IMG_9735IMG_9737


The Frat Pack + Me said...

I loved Kdg. Farm Day! These photos are great!

Genn said...

Fun day on the farm.
I bet that was fun for you to get to be there.

Great photos.

I love the shots of Matthew with all of the girls at the table. He sure is a cute kid. :)

Amber said...

Did I see seatbelts on the school bus??

Your farm adventure looks so fun! Very organic!

Umm hello..super cute kinder girls...whoa... i think i've seen Scott look at you the same way M is looking at the blonde cutie =]

very fun

Jensamom23 said...

My daughter's kindergarten class went to a farm last year as well. Looks like everyone has a great time!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

looks like a fun trip for all

Cindy said...

Oh...K kids on the farm...the memories!!:) But youre right...the bus ride is a close second!
have a happy day