Monday, October 17, 2011

Snippets of Time

Along with a blogging break, I seemed to have taken a break from taking pictures as well. But I did find these shots on my camera from a few weeks ago. All three boys, on my bed, in their jammies. Doing what they do best; laughing and wrestling.


And though most of the shots are a bit blurry or someone’s head is cut off in most of them, they just made me smile this morning. {sigh} Smile and think.

When I drop Monkey off at school in the morning I see all of the “big kids” heading off to their days without a Mom at the gate saying “I love you.” Instead I see them with cell phones texting who knows what, to who knows who. And it just reminds me, these days are limited. My walks up to the gate-numbered. All three boys having a good time in my room- circumscribed.  These are fleeting moments. I have to consciously tell myself to enjoy the moment, stay in the moment and relish it because so often I am doing laundry, or getting lunches packed, or making sure that homework is signed or the Share Bag is ready to go. Along with checking the weather channel and the online banking site, and the ever progressing to-do list for the next day just grows and grows.  But then, every once in a while, I remember to grab the camera while the boys are doing just what boys do. Laughing, Wrestling, Reading, Jumping.097

And these two?  These two are joined practically every waking moment. The big brother, the caretaker, guider, protector. And the littlest brother always the student. They are so close even at this young age. When Bogie gets up the first thing he does is check on his baby brother. I love to hear their sounds coming from the nursery.

106 112

And then I pray. Pray that they will always find time for each other. Pray that they will always put the other first, above friends and girlfriends. (Wives will one day take the number one spot.) Pray that the protector, my Lion Heart will always look first before leaping because his little brother is watching. Pray that my Leader will honor all that God has gifted him with, and that he will find the strength that I know is growing inside of him. Pray that my Baby will grow into a man with integrity who is not afraid of responsibility. 114115116

And the weight of it all seems so heavy because I want the best for each of them. And I turn to Mr. Dunbar and he smiles and tells me to “Relax. To enjoy them, enjoy the day. That they will be boys.”  I want to just throw my feet up in the air.


But then someone toots, or calls out a Potty Name and my work begins again. And I think, “God you must have some divine plan for these hooligans or a great sense of humor entrusting these smelly creatures to me. But I’ll take it, each and every moment with them. I’ll take it.”


‘For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ Jeremiah 29:11

~mrs. dunbar


The Chelette Family said...

Thank you Irene. I needed this today.

Lori said...

so often we as parents forget to stop and look at the little moments that actually mean the most. to remember we are raising adults and that when you let them lead, they will thrive. glad you took time to reflect on the love you have for your sons and that they have for each other

SZM said...

This is sheer perfection.

Genn said...

Beautiful post Irene.
Glad to see you back in blogland.

I'm dying to know whay all your loooon comment said? I never saw it. Hate when that happens.

Janna said...

I've missed you! Jeremiah 29:11 is the verse I used for my daughters dedication at church. I loved this post! It was probably my all time favorite of your posts because I remember when my oldest was the age of my youngest - when he as all hugs and cuddles at school and happy to see me. 2 years later he told me not to hug him at school anymore :( I get it though. I remember how I was too. At least my girly is a cuddle bug for now. Oh, and your photos are SO moving - you really captured happpiness on film better than many professionals could. Beautiful!

Sarah said...

I have loved reading this post. It's so true how our kids grow so fast and time is slipping through our fingers and it's so important to remember the moment! Lovely photos of your boys! xx

Nicolle said...

Beautiful words! It really is a conscious effort to stay in the moment, and enjoy every second. AND, the day Boyd wants a cell phone it will just kill me. I'm hoping to wait for many, many years on that. Love these photos!

Mrs. C... said...

It is fleeting for sure. HOwever, the bonds that they create now, if nurtured continue to grow, continue to be the glue that holds siblings together in the thick and thin of life. My two are right now playing video games, not because Missy could give a rip about Indiana Jones, but because she is a quality timer (like her Mama) and was asked to join in so she said yes! The fact that he asked her warms my heart! Lions and Leaders, and babies oh my! But there is joy along the yellow brick road, dear friend!

Megan said...

You managed to put into words what we all feel. Love this and love little boys in pajamas.

Nicolle said...

I wrote a post today and thought of this post as I was writing. Just wanted you to know, and thanks for the inspiration! :)

{cindy} said...

this was really an awesome post! (and the pictures were perfect!)
Sometimes that awe inspiring feeling of love really does overwhelm you doesn't it. That's when feet on the ground hubbies come in handy!
Thanks for the reminder to enjoy every single moment!
have a happy day