Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We cheated

On Sunday we cheated on our kids.
We went to Disneyland without them.
But we were not alone... we went with other cheating parents.

See below.

These peeps are in our Small Group from church.

We chatted it up in line and drank coffee.

Nobody was pushing a stroller.

Nobody was drinking from a sippy cup.


Do you see those smiles? Refreshed parents.

And in an effort to take more pictures of Mr. Dunbar and myself here we are.

So do you and your husband date?

Have one planned for this month?

Might I suggest it.

It was so nice to talk in the car on the way there without any interruptions. Bonding time with your hubby is good. Often times we just get so caught up in life that we forget this other person. Yesterday, I think I talked to Mr. Dunbar for like 2.5 minutes. Half of that conversation time included, "Can you put so and so to bed? And take him potty." December is such a crazy crazy month for all of us. Surprise your husband with some of your time, I'm sure he'd appreciate it. And if you can get a group together, like we did, that's fun also.

If you live local, I'd even watch your kids for you!

(Sorry for the poor picture quality, still haven't figured my P&S camera out.)


jen@odbt said...

Yeah for date nights. My husband surprised me for my bday and we got to go shopping and hang out all day, dinner and even stayed overnight. Brought us back to pre-kid was so fun. Great shot of you two!

West Hill Heritage said...

I love date nights -
Love your blog

Janna said...

I'm jealous!! I need to plan a date night. Thanks for the reminder!

Martha said...

Date nights are the a matter of fact we haven't had one in awhile...but we have had one planned for tomorrow night!!! So glad you had a GREAT time!!

Tracy said...

We haven't had a date since Matt started paramedic school. It's definitely overdue. BTW, have you met my children? You're brave to offer to watch them!

Mrs. C... said...

I NEED to join your small group!!! NOT as cool as your OTHER small group, but still. I would have enjoyed the day with those peeps, especially you and the hubby. Anytime you want to cheat on the kids, call us and we are there. As for date night, we are going to Disneyland on Friday to finish Christmas shopping and have dinner. After this week, I can't wait!

Genn said...

It's not cheating when you deserve it! I am so jealous! Sounds like so much fun.

My husband and I always love when we have to "drive" for any amount of time because it is so nice to just sit and talk.

Date nights are so refreshing. I need one. Glad you guys got one in!

Anonymous said...

cute scarf! ;)

whittakerwoman said...

Looks like fun! H

Jill said...

What fun!!! we haven't had a date in...can't remember! I'm adding this to the top of our "to-do" list!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

We never date.. well, hardly ever... but we took advantage of AWANA time last night and had a Costco date. It sounds stupid, but it was so much fun to be at Costco alone...

CATHY said...

Oh, fun! Can you pick our kids up at your airport next Saturday night? :)

patty said...

you're so right... adult time is so important! glad you did it! :)

The Flying Bee said...

Hey Friend!

Sorry, it has been so long! I have just been catching up on all your posts! So much fun stuff and gorgeous pictures! It looks like you and your hubby had such a great time on date night! I am hoping to have a date night this weekend. Yay!!!

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

yes! date night is very important! we are striving for atleast once a month! i am glad you all had fun! you and your hubby are sweet! xo