Saturday, December 5, 2009

This or That... a Meme

Real or fake tree? REAL every. single. year.

Gold or silver decorations? Gold, they just seem more traditional.

Fancy or ball ornaments? Both, on my tree this year the fancy are on the top, the balls are on the bottom.

Santa yea or Santa nay? Santa yea, we do all the traditional Santa things (the visit and the letter and the picture). But Santa only fills stockings at our house.

Cider or cocoa to drink? Cider for parties, cocoa for walks outside.

Gift card or present? Gift card. I know its more personable to purchase a gift card, but seriously its so much easier for adults and friends to let them choose their own thing. Children get presents.

Bag or paper gift wrap? This year I am trying wrapping paper, will see how it goes. I am the worlds worst woman wrapper.

Lights on the house or in the house? Both, each everyday from the day after Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Shopping done early or shopping on Christmas Eve? Early, I'm usually done the first week of December this year it'll be a little later than that.

Picture card or traditional card? We do a picture card, its fun to see how the boys have grown each year. I always take a card and put it into each of their memory boxes.

Open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? One on Christmas Eve (pajamas) and the rest on Christmas morning.

Nibble all day or big Christmas feast? Big Christmas feast.

Now its your turn, if you'd like to play along... copy and paste into comments or create your own post and let us know in the comments so we can visit you.

And of course for your enjoyment... a true Dunbar Christmas picture.
Playing the drums using my decorative Christmas boxes.


Janna said...

I tagged you on my blog since I created my own post like this. Cute idea!

Amanda said...

I will de-lurk myself :)

I found your blog through whittakerwoman and love your blog!

I did your Christmas survey!

Such a cute idea!

patty said...

so cute! ra-pa-pa-pum! :)

i like the memE..

Genn said...

Cute post. I will do it soon too. :)
Love that picture of your son playing drums with your decorator boxes.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Sweet post girl... and fun to see that photo of your little man playing drums! Cute.

Erika Johnson said...

Cute post Noah has these Jammies they're the only big kid one's I could find in his size..& too cute :)