Sunday, March 6, 2011

We beat the odds, again

Well, I’m sure everyone has noticed that Bogie doesn’t have any front (bottom) teeth. He was born with them, yup, came out of the womb with two teeth. Those teeth were shortly thereafter pulled because they weren’t secure in his tooth-bed. And giant spaces are present until adult teeth come in at about 5 or 6 years of age.

The top tooth he lost nearly a year ago due to a counter accident. IMG_5067

Well would you believe that this little one was born with two teeth as well?

This time though, the gums were stretched over the teeth, you can barely seem them in the photo below. Hunter's Birth 155

So of course even before we left the hospital I was texting Dr. Crystal and the very next day after we were discharged we trekked down to see her.

Isn’t she beautiful? (She’s also very tall and wiggin smart.)

Hunter 010 

These photos were taken once the teeth had broken through the gums. Let me just say it hurt like nobody’s business to try and feed this little guy. It actually got so bad that we had to feed him on a syringe for two days. Once that happened and as the teeth became loose we decided they needed to come out. Hunter 008 Hunter 007

So he still screams, only now he is toothless.

March 017

And we continue the newborn saga of no sleep and constant poop.

Hopefully the screaming will start to diminish, sleep will improve, and I can get some “sleepy newborn photos.”

~mrs. dunbar


Genn said...

I have never known any one else whose babies were born with their bottom teeth. I've heard of it though. Poor little guy. Is that a very difficult procedure for him? I am sure it is difficult for you too.
I hope for you all that you get more sleep soon. Hang in there.

It's Grace said...

Oh my gosh..I don't know who I feel sorrier or the baby. Probably you :) You both have it rough. I hope he's eating well for you now that his little teeth are gone.

He is so cute..I hope you're feeling better each day, besides the lack of sleep :)

jen@odbt said...

Wow! I feel for you.Ouch! I'm glad it's been taken care of and he's ok. Now I'm hoping there are zzzz's for you both.

Lori said...

poor little guy. hope things are better for everyone now

Anonymous said...

I can't even imagine nursing a newborn with teeth! I bet it feels so much better now. I remember those sleepless nights. When you're in the thick of it it goes on forever, but, as you know it really is short lived. It's such an amazing, emotional, happy, yet crazy time all mixed into one! Just keep writing on your blog....we'll all give you encouragement :))

I'll be praying you get a 3 to 4 hour stretch tonight!

Mrs. C... said...

So sweet. I personally think the statistic is wrong. Obviously it is 2/3 kids are born with teeth. Just think, if I had more kids, mine would have followed the pattern. Dinner next week?

Whittaker Woman said...

First of all, congrats on the baby!
Second, sohaila was born with teeth!

{cindy} said...

Oh, that poor little sweetie!
And you too, nursing at the beginning is tough enough, throw in teeth and yowza!!
Hope your nights are getting better each day.

Jensamom23 said...

Yikes! I hope everything is better now...he sure is cute!

♥Jaime and Edson said...

Hi! It's Jaime (Nance) here (AXO from UCR) and I came across your blog from Tawny! Hope u don't mind me "following" you guys (sounds kinda creepy, like I'm a stalker or something, lol).

Oh my gosh I'm so excited for you and Dunbar & your beautiful 3 blessings! I feel so bad for you & your little guy, especially since they can't give him much for pain, huh? I'm sure that's so hard for all of you! :(

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Megan said...

Crazy teeth! My daughter has 8 missing permanent teeth and my son has 4 missing that we know of. So crazy how the body works, but we are fearfully and wonderfully made! He's so cute. I love that navy blue!

theonewhere said...

he is so adorable...and so it crystal...i should know because i went to elementary school with her! lol. :) i love how small riverside seems sometimes. hi crystal. :)

brook (walker) murcray :)