Monday, September 13, 2010

I have the most typical boy.

First day of school picture: Pre-K.
I’m already getting the “Come on Mom! Do we have to do this?”
You’re FOUR.  Yes we are going to do this. Every. single. year.
So get used to it buddy!
Now this guy…
IMG_5420He doesn’t know the, “my mom is annoying me routine.” He was more than happy to smile for the camera. But I’m sure my days are numbered.
Then I said, “Okay, you guys can make funny faces.” And wha-la! Cooperation.IMG_5429 IMG_5431
Monkey already has a few friends in his class. God really has blessed us with so many families that have boys our exact same ages.IMG_5451 
And finally one quick snapshot of the two of us. IMG_5458  I love this guy.
Have a wonderfully sun-shiny Monday everyone.
And here are 2009's and 2008's First Day of School Pics.
~mrs. dunbar


Michelle said...

I remember those days, and I still take first days pics of my boys. My younger son has always been the smiler and is up for it most days. The older not so much. Great pic of you all.

jules said...

I love first day of school pictures. They are super fun to look at when the kids are grown. Someday he will ask you why he was making such a funny face.

jen@odbt said...

Love it - my boys and monkey would get along so great. I got that same exact look from my 9 y.o. Hope he had a great first day!

{cindy} said...

Aren't first day of school pictures the best!!??:)
You're boys are adorable.
Enjoy the night

Read through some of your older hubby works 4 10 hour days and has Mondays off...I love that schedule.

Our third little miracle was a surprise.:)

And I was a teacher in a "former" life too...kindergarten for 13 years!

Cathy said...

that first pic makes me laugh out loud. our 6th grader was groaning on the 1st day and we overheard another mom at school say "look that boy let his mom bring her camera!". they will appreciate our efforts someday!!

Seizing My Day said...

I love that look ... and so young! ha ha!

You are blessed to have friends the same ages as both your boys!! most of our friends have girls... which is great for my daughter ... but challenging for my little man! =)

Mrs. C... said...

I love it!!! You can tell Monkey that Bubba still has his picture taken on the first day of school too!!! AND with a sister to boot (they just didn't make it to blog world this year ~ hmmm go figure I've been crazy!) I love Preschool, and I love your teachers this year! Enjoy the year, and be prepared to clear the fridge for fun things to hang on it......You've seen mine! Mwah friend!

Simply...Me said...

Cute picture of the two of you, they grow up so fast! Bogie's smile is so genuine I couldn't help but smile back!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! Glad our boys will get to spend more time together this year.