Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lost, but ready for Halloween

One more tragedy of the summer (and I promise its the last one.)

Bogie lost a tooth.

His front upper left tooth.

What do you think, is it noticeable?

This kid is going to be our official Jack-o-lantern this year.

We’re just going to set him out on the porch.

No carving needed.
~mrs. dunbar

***We had it looked at by our Very Special Personal-Harvard Educated-Pediatric-Cousin Dentist and thankfully there is no damage to his adult tooth and it was pretty much the cleanest break you can get. When he’s 4, if we choose, they’ll make him a retainer with a fake tooth. But with the way this kid goes rumbling and tumbling… we’ll see.***


Michelle said...

He's adoralbe no matter what, glad you have a personal dentist on call.

jen@odbt said...

That is the cutest smile! Can't wait to hear the story. Did the tooth fairy come bearing gifts?

Mrs. C... said...

Hey your back in the blogging world!!! Missed you friend, and LOVE that smile ;) I have some ideas that a certain creative hubby can pull off, if you are willing.........

Janna said...

Love your back to school header. Your son sounds like my nephew (6), who has also been missing his top tooth since he was 2 or 3. And last week he started the school year with stitches in his head. His new scar is only inches away from the little knot in the center of his forehead - a former goose-egg that calcified and left a hard bump. We joke that he should wear a helmet at all times.

theonewhere said...

i love it! ethan lost a tooth in a "tragic" head on collision with eli when he was about 4. he just turned 7 and the adult tooth grew in recently just fine. i loved that huge gap for 3 years. part of me misses it. :)

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

that photo just put the biggest smile on my face! i love his big tooth(less) grin.