Saturday, September 29, 2012

34 on the 26th

Well I turned 34 this past week. It was a busy, normal, sweet day. I woke up and watched Downton Abbey. Just found out Season 2 was available on Amazon for free for Prime Members.  Whoohooo!!! I was in the middle of a DA Marathon and was happy to drink my coffee and watch my favorite Lady Grantham harass everyone at 5am on my birthday.

Anyhow, an hour a half later this guy was screaming “MOOOOOmmmmmm” from his crib. Not the best shot but look at those little bottom fangs. Love that kid.IMG_2417IMG_2421

I got little letters from my guys. Bogie decided to use glue instead of writing, it was every where. Joy.

IMG_2500 After dropping the big boys off at school Chunk (who really needs a new nickname) and I went and picked up Mom. Then we headed out for a little shopping and lunch.  I meant to take a picture but I got new face products because my mom is a firm believer of what you do with your face in your 30’s will really affect the way you look for the rest of your life. Mr. Dunbar calls it poison, but alas he likes the way I look.

Chunk wanted this bookshelf.IMG_2427IMG_2436IMG_2438  I guess there should be a picture of me from the day. My hair is getting crazy frizzy these days. Time for some new products.

IMG_2482Mr. Dunbar had taken me out to pick some stuff up for my birthday on

Sunday and we just happened to end up at this store. IMG_2511IMG_2516IMG_2520

But he did even better. He got off work early, with white roses that smell divine, and sent me off for a massage. IMG_2522IMG_2525

It was real nice and just what I needed. I got lots of calls and texts from family and friends. It was real nice and now I’m a whole year older. How can that be?


Robin Valenti said...

Ahhh, i didnt know it was your birthday.... Happy birthday! All your goodies reminds me, I need to cash in on my birthday do over :) We spent it at the hospital when my grandpa had a triple bypass. Looks like your boys took great care of you :) And I believe your mom is totally right!

Nicolle said...

You look beautiful! Happy Birthday to you!