Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Pirate turns 50

Yesterday my dad turned fifty. We are totally into pirates in my house. So we are constantly singing " Yo Ho Yo Ho, A pirates life for .... Papa. We've also been singing a song for the past few months that goes like this, "Papa is fifty, fifty, fifty... Papa is fifty, fifty, fifty." Yesterday Monkey finally put some of it together and says "When's Grandma going to be fifty?" Ha. Mom, you're next!
My parents decided to head out town to celebrate so we had our own celebration for Papa at home.

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Amber said...

After seeing these pictures the other day, Avery has been telling all our friends."Lodan, (her pronunciation of Logan)... he's a pirate" then Ethan chimes in..Yeah he wears a bandana like everyday....he's a cool dude" and Ryen finishes the story with "Coool Duuude!"

They miss their cousins. Hugs and Kisses little cool dude pirates!