Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Balloon Races

This past weekend we went up to go see Mr. Dunbar's brother and family and made our annual trek to the Great Balloon race. It was a nice long weekend. Only one kid was throwing up this time around.

Our Saturday morning starts way early, 4:30 am.
But its neat to see the balloons lit up in the dark.

Some of the balloons had problems getting air-borne this time.
Bogie is telling me he doesn't know where they went.

Monkey's face when quite a few lifted off at the same time.

No make-up and Starbucks in hand.

The sky is amazing when all of the balloons get air-borne.

And a sneak peak at the rest of our stay...
Bogie on Zo's bed, bottom bunk.

This little guy is amazing.
Projectile vomited consistently throughout our stay and never got grumpy once.

Let me remind you, these are our "crunchy" cousins.
Homemade beanie, Roots t-shirt, and leg warmers?
Isn't he just super adorable?

Bedhead was the theme of the weekend.
She's coming down stairs to make sure her cousins are still there.

I took over 500 pictures, but now I'm just too darn tired to go through any more.
Monkey wants to ride in a hot air balloon next year.
Would you?


Anonymous said...

I REALLY want your camara! I love the pictures :) Chris & I have went up in a hot air balloon & it was amazing! I highly recommend it!

jen@odbt said...

That is something I want to see...soon! You have some amazing pictures. The 7th one from the top should be blown up and put on a canvas print. Just gorgeous and that is a cute pic of you too.

Cathy said...

"only one kid was throwing up..." if this doesn't summarize motherhood and how our perspectives change :)

you're beautiful without makeup!

patty said...

beautiful pictures, mrs. dunbar! hard to imagine PV from that sweet thing! i love the first photos of bogie, too.. beautiful children! yum!