Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Start of New

Yesterday was the official day for the "New" in the Dunbar home.

Monkey started his new school year. (Finally.)

He also entered the realm of sports.
Organized team sports.
And so it begins.

Of course these two just have to play together.
Ms. Casey made sure that they are on the same team, she's just efficient like that.
Vans, even for Pee Wee soccer will not do. They kept slipping off, so we will be buying new shoes for soccer. No cleats yet.

Mr. Dunbar and I figure we will spend about the next 18 years at sporting events for our sons. It just goes along with our plan for Raising Men. We believe that sports teach young men a great deal. Things like teamwork, sportsmanship, persistence. Of course, those qualities will come in time.

Pee Wee soccer is all about fun. There are no games until the last two weeks. These 4 year olds are still learning the basics. The basics of basics. The laughed, we laughed. They ran and kicked and we cheered. They took "water breaks" often. The boys felt so big and mature running to the sidelines for their water and then running back. Smiles and high 5's were had by all. It was a good time. A good experience. A little memory to tuck away in time. Pretty soon I'll be like Patty with a high schooler being rushed to the hospital. I have no doubts I'll be making trips the emergency room.

This is the start. The beginning. The start of outside sources helping to mold my boys into men, with me watching on the sidelines, praying for safety, for victory, for confidence to let them be.


jen@odbt said...

Oh I remember those early days and actually my little guy is having his 1st go on the field after watching his big brother and sister play. I love your attitude about sports - it does teach them all those things and then some. For me, I love that they are part of a team and it's not just about them.

The Chelette Family said...

They looked like they had a ball! He's getting so big and has always been super cute! You're a good mom. Enjoy!

spatzfamily said...

I think it is ADORABLE that they are playing together on the same team. Those little guys do so much together:-) I'm gonna come check them out.

Mrs. C... said...

Love it, and can't wait until he is big enough to come to our fields. It is amazing how consumed you get with their activities, and love them because they love them. Let me know when a game is, so we can come cheer!!!

Lori said...

That last sentence was awesome. I want my girls to someday marry boys whose parents are as intentional as you!

Tawny said...

So cute! What a big boy he is! What a big day for you too momma :)

Christy said...

How exciting! I love the first two pictures of Matthew. He is so photogenic. What cute boys you have!