Wednesday, October 17, 2012

On and on we go…

A few weeks ago Monkey tested for his next belt in karate. IMG_2588IMG_2589

After the testing session, they were encouraged by their Senior Sensei to stick with things, stay strong, and to take on more responsibility and respect. It was an honorable talking to.


The kids were then presented with their belts.


Then the following Monday, someone else started their lessons. Can you find him?IMG_2719

I’m sure this Sensei loves the fact that the Dunbar boys don’t know how to tie their own belts, and evident enough, neither does their mom.


With Monkey’s new belt, he was promoted to the next level class. Combined with the fact that Bogie has now started his lessons, we are at the dojo quite a bit. Which means homework is done at the dojo twice a week.


It also means we started full-contact sparring. Don’t worry, he’s ready.


Oh, wrong kid. Okay, here’s the right one. The one above is pretty much ready as well. He knows how to kick, punch, and block pretty well. That’s the perk of being the youngest brother.


Monkey was having a blast out there.IMG_2904

How many fighters have you seen with smiles on their faces the whole time? This was a good match which gave him a lot of confidence. In his second match, he got the wind knocked out of him and was on the ground face down in a fetal-position for-quite-a-long-time. But he got back up and kept right on going. I was really proud of him. And man o man is it hard to see someone else hitting your baby. IMG_2910IMG_2923

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