Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One down, One to go

Last day performance

This is the first year in pretty much my entire life that I did not have a "first day of school" for myself. From the start of kindergarten through graduate school and six years of teaching, school of some shape or form has been a part of ME.

Instead, this year, Monkey had his first day of pre-school and Mr. Dunbar had a first day of school for the second year of his MBA program. (Sorry no picture.)

This school year, I have been surrounded by all things school without actually being in school (as the real teacher or student.) Thank you to all of my girlfriends who let me stand in for them a day or two here and there as the Sub. What a turn around, I used to take "mental days" to get away from my students, now I have "sub days" to get to see students.

Instead, this year has been about me being on the sidelines. Me being the parent, not the teacher. Me being the supporter, not the student. I miss teaching. I miss the classroom. I miss my girlfriends. Let's be honest, I miss the clothes. But this year is not about me. I guess most of motherhood and wife-ism, isn't, is it?

My men have grown and surpassed me with ooobles and goobles of knowledge. (Do you like how I'm making up words?) Mr. Dunbar has studied countless hours. Do you know what epidemiology is? Me neither, but my husband could tell you. Monkey sings with the best of them and can tell you all sort of random bits of information. Including the Pledge of Allegiance and every Nusery Rhyme known to man.

Mr. Dunbar turned in his thesis week. He kept calling it a project, the final product was pretty amazing. All professional looking with lots of big words. I was pretty impressed.
I am very proud of you, Mr. Dunbar.
One more final on Thursday for him and then hallelujah, he's done. Two years of craziness, will come to a close, I am so excited.


Anonymous said...

You are such a great mommy & wife :) And we are so proud of Scott!

Mrs. C... said...

So very proud of Mr. Dunbar, Monkey and YOU!!! This year is the year of adjustments, and you came through with flying colors and passing grades (if we gave out grades for Mommyhood and wifey classes). Missy did not sing, but shockingly cried and got pulled from stage! OY that one!!! Glad to see the smile on Monkey's face, it warms my heart along with your friendship.

Tawny said...

So cute!!! I love your commentary!

patty said...

changes can be sad, but exciting, too!
congrats on your hubby's achievements!

Jenni said...

I do so love the end of the school year! I loved it as a student, I love it as a parent, and I REALLY love it as a teacher!