Tuesday, June 16, 2009


When I was in the 8th grade we had the opportunity to take an exploratory class. Basically, you could choose a fun non-academic class. Most of my friends chose to TA, oh how I wanted to TA and sit in a cool teacher's class for an hour each day and do nothing but pretend like I was important because I was grading some lousy 7th grader's quiz. Or if there was more than one TA in the class you could run errands for the teacher or make copies or something, I don't know, I'll never know.
I wasn't allowed to TA.
My parents said it was a waste of a class. HUH? So not the words I wanted to hear. Instead, I begrudgingly had to take "Computers," it really wasn't a computer class it was a typing class.

Probably one of the most useful classes I ever took, ever.

63 words


I could probably type faster if I practiced.

How fast can you type?

Take the quiz.

And if you do (and let me know what you scored) there might be a little

OPI prize for your pretty nails. I most dutiably believe pretty nails help you type faster.


jen@odbt said...

I'm dating myself here but when I took it in high school it was called typing and we actually used typewriters. Thank goodness. Who knew typing would come in so handy.

Took the test and I type 74 words per minute!

Anonymous said...

64 words per minute, not too bad :)

Cathy said...


I, too, used an electric typewriter when I took typing. I got my speed and accuracy up though when I was a TA (ha) in grad school and I got paid to type a professor's book (that I knew he would never publish...come to think of it, I think he had every TA type that thing!) Typing that never-to-be-published book was a good thing for me though!

Ali said...

I got 71, but I feel the need to keep trying and practicing. What a DORK! I also took typing, but it was on a TYPEWRITER! LOL My teen age nieces don't even know what one is!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Now that was fun even though my score was only 43! I will have to go back and improve. Thanks for the fun tip!

Rachel said...

I am not proud to say that I got 27 word per minute right. I took two years of typing in high school. So sad.

Anonymous said...

If my memory serves me right, you were a pretty IMPORTANT 8th grader. . . You were a GATE student, the 8th grade class secretary and Co-captain of the school drill team, not to mention one of the cutes, best dressed girls on campus! And you learned how to type before heading to high school!!!
I'm sorry we didn't allow you to TA a class.
Love MOM

Ms. Tee said...

I got 75 - I used to type so much faster in my 10th grade typing class. I *loved* that class!

Anna Cecilia said...

57 words per minute! That's not bad, right?

Mrs. C... said...

245 words per minute!!!!! I am so excited!!! Ok, I might be late on the contest, but still I am happy for me! I like others who commented also took typing on the typewriter. a a aj that was the beginning of a long career in typing for me. What I love is that Bubba is already learning, so that hopefully by the time he has real papers to type I won't have to!

Mrs. C... said...

I have to take back my comment. I accidentally lied on your blog!!! How horrible am I?????? Anyway, I got 245 characters......I don't know how that translates into words. I am so sorry! I can't type THAT fast. If I loose the prize, I will understand. I am off to retake the test and see if it tells me words. What a goof ball I am!