Monday, January 4, 2010

Carrots and Circles

The boys were invited to go horseback riding by some of Mr. Dunbar's co-workers this weekend. They had a great time feeding the horses carrots and riding around in circles. Monkey had no fear of getting up on the horse and going for a spin. Bogie however, was his cautious self. (The horse Molly was also a little unsure of Bogie, as she had never seen a human so small before, it was an interesting dynamic.)
Here's Checkers coming in for some treats (carrots.)
Here's Monkey holding his hand out flat. Doing good.
And now do you see anything wrong with this picture?
This is Molly. She's never seen a kid before.

And of course, where do all boys end up? In the dirt!
See Juanita, I didn't put you in any pictures. Thanks for the fun morning.


Ali said...

What a fun activity for the boys. I love the picture of both of them up on the horse, it is adorable.

feather said...

for a horse that had never seen a kid before, she seemed to be on her best behavior. good girl, molly. sorry about that carrot.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh I'm so jealous.... my kiddos would LOVE a date with a horse!

jen@odbt said...

Boys are magnets to dirt...sometimes even girls in my case. They look so cute on top of the horse.

Darlene said...

What a great day! Horses are not very local to our parts. But, when I have taken my 9 year old, there's something magical about the experience. The smell of the barn, the feel of the crisp hay under your feet, the sunshine hitting you while you're riding, looking at all of natures wonders. I think we'd better get to some horseback riding this year. Thanks for the pictures. Cute stuff! :)

patty said...

so sweet... love the photo of them together! and yes... it always ends up in the dirt! :)