Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rained In and some other stuff

We are so spoiled over here in our neck of the woods.
I mean who can wear shorts and flips on Christmas, New Years and practically half of January?
The peeps who live in Southern California, that's who. And I'm laughing as I write this post because of good handful of bloggers that I know, who also live in this region of the state have also written about the weather we are experiencing this week.
RAIN. Rain. And some more rain.
We are just spoiled weather wimps who are rained in.

This was my driveway about 20 minutes ago.
I went through every single setting on my camera because I have NO idea how to shoot rain. Seriously.

But now on to more intersting news.
I am the world's worst seamstress. Seriously.  If you ask my mom she'll tell how she paid hundreds of dollars when I was twelve for sewing lessons and I walked away not knowing how to do anything. Seriously- nothing. Last year for my birthday she signed me up for more sewing lessons, per my request. I was supposed to make a vest with a zipper.  The class was supposed to be 4 hours long, meaning the average student could finish this project in that amount of time. It took me twelve hours. YUP- three times as long as the average student, and the last 6 hours were with an instructor and myself only. Then this Christmas I did Julie's Scarf Along and just about chopped off my thumb. She laughed when I told her and said I wasn't the only one who did that. Great.  It took me like 5 trips to JoAnn's, thirty phone calls to my mom, two trips for her to come over and save me and finally I finished.

So why this long saga of my sewing history? Because I just completed a simple sewing project on my own. Whew!!  I made Baby Grace some burp cloths. In one afternoon.  Now if you know anything about sewing you know exactly how simple these were and if you have a daughter who's over the age of 7 I'm sure she would be perfectly capable of completing this project by herself. But still, I'm pretty stoked on the whole endeavor.

The sewing machine I've hijacked from my mom has some pretty fancy stitches.

And just a few shots of our morning.
Monkey had the Share Bag today and since he is in the Bunnies class at school Baby made an appearance.
Yes, she really does have a leash on.

All of the children were so excited, Baby was a hit.

Mrs. Dunbar


jen@odbt said...

Your lawn is looking very green and lush! Way to go sewing...I wish I could sew too. Baby Grace is going to love her burp clothes. What's next?

cathy said...

Oh that LAWN! Ours is mud and nearly gone dirty snow. So very depressing looking. Those burp clothes look professionally done--does this mean you'll open a Lady Dunbar etsy shop soon?!

Anonymous said...

You should sell more of thosse burp cloths on etsy!
I want to meet Baby Bunny! What a cutie.
Kim M.

Feather said...

those burp cloths are so adorable. terrific job. i love the fabrics with the ribbons...
so i met your SIL today. i recognized baby grace on her blog! what a doll. grace, i mean. hee he. anyway, what a cool fam you have.

Tawny said...

You did a GREAT job on those burp cloths!!! So cute! I haven't made anything in a while, but hat scarf looks like a fun idea! Where is yours? I want to see it! We should have a sewing party and teach eachother stuff...not that I have something to teach, but I would love to learn new stuff. Sewing is NOT easy, I get too wrapped up in it too. I stayed up WAY too late making T's Halloween costume that up close was a riot!
The weather is too funny! I was at school today and a parent came up in a sweatshirt and running shorts! I told her she was crazy it was FREEZING and she laughed, and said you guys are crazy, I'm from Ohio...this is NOTHING. We are spoiled :)

Nancy said...

High five, girl. Those burp cloths are fabulous. You did it. I am so not the seamstress. When I made pillowcases for the Kid's party and I actually finished, I did a happy dance for myself too. You should try it, the happy dance feels good. Oh my word, if the Nubs was in that preschool class with the bunny, that would be it. A bunny would be on the bday list. I can't handle that right now...

Darlene said...

Good job on those cute burpie clothes.

That bunny is adorable with those big floppy ears. My oldest daughter wants another pet. Anything from a fish, turtle, bunny, mouse... seriously - whatever. I keep saying "no" because we have 3 dogs. That's enough.

Genn said...

Those curp cloths are adorable. I so wish I knew how to sew something. I've never even sat down with a sewing maching before, but my mom can sew, quilt, etc. Why I never picked any of that up from her I don't know.

Anonymous said...

I love your burp rags. So cute! You are not the only one who can't sew. I too am a sewing misfit. I never took lessons and I don't think I ever will. This is just one things that I am not good at and have zero interest in. I have to take simple clothing repairs to my moms - you know, buttons and such. Thank God I have a mom that sews well! lol.

Anonymous said...

good for you! i too want to get better at sewing! i have all these dreams of making cute things for my little girl but keep putting it off! by the time i do it she will be too old to like the stuff i make! thanks for making me think about it again! i will let you know if i am able to sew something!