Friday, January 15, 2010

Pictures later

i've been working.

praying for a haiti. feeling guilty that we are on our way out the door to the cheesecake factory and i know others are suffering.

hand is stilll hurting, i didn't wear my hand cast to work. i should have.

hoping your week has ended well. have a good weekend.



Anonymous said...

Everytime I see those images of Haiti, I want to box up everything in my pantry and grab some blankets to take to them. I wish it were that simple.

Anonymous said...

i feel the same! take care of that hand! xo

feather said...

it's hard tomake sense of such disaster. but for us, thankfully, life goes on. not without remembering and praying, but our lives go on. now, eat some yummy food, send a prayer of thanks for a full belly, and then hug your family a bit tighter tonight...
and go put that cast on!

Genn said...

You are such a thoughtful person Irene.

It really is such a sad tragedy for Haiti. The country has been on my mind as well.

Sorry your hand still hurts. Hope it's well soon!

Mrs. C... said...

It is very hard to realize the "why" in the tragedy of what happened. You should have worn your brace!!! AND....NO, I am not preggers. Oh, man could you imagine, especially with our history. It makes me laugh just thinking about it. Hope you enjoyed your cheesecake.

Amanda said...

hope your hand feels better soon!