Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hello? and the Craziness of Nesting

Well, its’ been a while.

I hit this nesting surge and it has completely, and I mean completely, taken over my life.  Seriously. I have made list after list after list and started project after project after project.

But let’s go back to where we left off.

Mr. Dunbar’s Birthday.

The boys and I surprised him at his hospital with a cake (as chosen by the boys from Costco). All of the food in the cafeteria where Mr. Dunbar works is practically homemade so rather than heading out we ate there. Jan 037Jan 038

It was crazy hat day at school so we stapled a whole bunch of handcut-outs to the top of this green hat. Only  one cut out hand remained by the afternoon. Jan 042Jan 044Jan 054

I had just about started the full on “nesting” mode, cleaning out drawers and closets, and making messes everywhere, nothing too stressful or heavy, just the itty bits in the house that had been irking me for some time.

Jan 106 

My mom and I headed into South Coast to get the boys’ bedding. We tried waking Monkey up when we got home but he just wouldn’t budge. So this is what it looked like the next morning.      Yes, they got the Star Wars sheets from Pottery Barn Kids and a brownie. Jan 113 Jan 119 Jan 120 Jan 123Jan 126Jan 127Jan 129Jan 137  

Then two Sundays ago , Mr. Dunbar flew to Chicago. That was all it took.

It was my ticket for craziness! (And I blame it all on my mother. Just so you know.)

A few hours after Mr. Dunbar left, my parents came over and we started in on the boys’ room.

   Jan 163 Jan 191 Jan 197

Jan 205

Jan 222  Jan 215   Jan 228Jan 216Jan 239Jan 237Jan 240   Jan 243

And this is just the beginning of the saga. My house has pretty much looked like the above picture ever since. Only all of the junk in the living room has just been revolving stuff. Boys’ toys, boys’ clothes, boys’ old bedding, nursery stuff, baby clothes, baby gadgets and bedding, my bedding, junk from closets, you name it… Hopefully I’ll have some after pictures soon.

For now, here are a few shots of the boys on their first afternoon in their bunk bed.Jan 267Jan 268

Jan 269Jan 277

And after all of the excitement, they actually BOTH fell asleep. Mark it as a holiday, that never happens. Jan 282Jan 281   

A BIG thank-you to my parents who came over and helped me convert both boys’ bedrooms and for all of the stuff that came along with it.

And also to my MIL who has taken the hooligans for hours on several different days so I could make messes by myself.

Hope to catch up with everyone soon.

~mrs. dunbar


jen@odbt said...

Those last pics of the boys together -- so precious! With all that nesting, baby is coming soon...woo-hoo! How many weeks/days do you have left?

Anonymous said...

Adorable! When is the big day? Looks like it's getting close :))

Janna said...

You must be so excited and ready?! Glad you got some stuff done - when my husband goes away I usually take on a major room redo or some kind of organizing project.

Ashley said...

What fun memories you captured! and you look great! =)

Cindy said...

Oh I remember those nesting days well!
Loved every minute of it...but I'm a nester at heart I guess!:)
Your sleeping boys in their new bed was just precious. I have a feeling they are going to make a lot of memories there.
You look beautiful and I love your new header!!
Enjoy the night

Megan said...

Hooray for Star Wars sheets! The bunk bed is awesome and so are they cuddled up together! I have been nesting too, but it feels a whole lot more like walking around in circles!

It's Grace said...

Yay, they got their sheets! They are so darn cute on their bunks. They are going to build some lasting memories, for sure.

And you look absolutely wonderful, hands down!!

Take care :)


Genn said...

You still look great Irene!
You make pregnancy look easy.

Happy Bday to Mr. Dunbar.

Don't you love when you can't stop nesting? I get like that sometimes now and Jake will say, you're not pregnant are you? haha.

I bet the boys love their new bunks!

The Loyal Mortgage Guy said...

you are doing great! Just keep thinking of your sweet baby in your arms :)

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

wow! you have been a busy nestin' mama! you look great! and my son would be so jealous over those star wars sheets! dont over do it! enjoy! xo

Santa Beso by La Donna said...

Thank you so much for your comments on Santa Beso. That was perfect timing. I'm glad you got something from that post. It is my favorite so far. Wish I could look as good as you while I was prego. And don't over do it too much with the nesting!!!:)

Jensamom23 said...

What fun memories!

Lori said...

That picture with the bins and shopping bags could have been taken at my house, and I wish there was a girl version of the "Grandma lets me stay up late" jammies! :)

Happy nesting.

Seizing My Day said...

Wow... crazy and fun!! ;) I love love the sleeping boys on their star wars sheets ... priceless picture! Happy Nesting...not much longer now right?? crazy how I now have enough history with blogging that I remember things from many months ago!!

Cathy said...

Oh so good to catch up! I can't believe the time is almost here. What great shots of the boys and your parents, too. xoxo