Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Surprise

I was surprised on Saturday night with a Baby Shower by my closest girl friends.  I thought three or four of us were just going to dinner, as a Girl’s Night, probably for the last time before this little guy comes. (I was even 20 minutes LATE and I didn’t bring my camera- good thing Casey brought hers.)

It was so nice to see that a handful of my dearest friends were also there and shared in the celebration. Mrs. C, Mrs. Webb, and Mrs. Baker were all part of the sweet surprise.073 075 078 079

We ate at the Macaroni Grill, one of my faves. The food was yummy, as was the ambience of the Opera singers and I think the servers were intentionally breaking dishes because we just kept right on cheering.

Ali made these cute pretzel sticks and cake pops as center pieces and favors. Each one had an “It’s a boy charm” attached. Thanks, Ali!!

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As cute as onesies and baby blankets are to open up, my girlfriends all pitched in for one {very generous} gift card for us. Even girls that weren’t able to be there on Saturday pitched in for the gift card. How sweet is that? It was such a perfect perfect gift. I just know so many little things will pop up along the way in the next month or two. Especially things like diapers. 083

Thanks Girls, love you all mucho mucho.

(Casey- I know you were the hands behind it all and I am so grateful. )

mrs. dunbar


Lori said...

very fun! it's fun when even the 3rd boy gets a bit of love and attention.

Janna said...

Hello Mrs. D! Your shower looks like so much fun. Hey, I wanted to let you know that I updated my Swiss Bliss chicken recipe after a comment from Genn reminded me that I modify the recipe by using CHICKEN BREAST TENDERLOIN (or cutting a regular breast into strips) and I cut back the cooking time by a few minutes. This makes for moist chicken and prevents the stuffing from getting to dried out. But my husband and kids seem to like this one.

Janna said...

p.s. you're one of the most gorgeous pregos I've ever seen :)

Jensamom23 said...

What wonderful friends!

Genn said...

What a nice suprise! You don't even look pregnant in that black shirt! Love your flower. What sweet friends you have.

Martha said...

what a wonderful, wonderful surprise:) So glad it was a great night

Mrs. C... said...

So glad I didn't blow it when we were on the phone!!! It was a fun night, and good to get away. Thanks Casey for remembering me!