Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Well They Upped and Did It…

They both went and started school.

How did this happen?

Only yesterday I was rocking my precious first born, looking at him in awe and thinking that he was an angel on earth. Then I blinked and there was another sweet angel sent to me and a little munchkin with shaggy hair was crawling up into my lap to read stories. August 813

Here’s the true moment. The “I am pouting because you won’t let me take a lunch box that I don’t need,”and the “Hurry up Mom!”

August 806 August 817 August 820

And today they both upped and left me, bravely heading into classrooms at new schools. All I could do was watch as each one courageously sauntered into a new domain ready to conquer all that this year has to offer him. I was so proud. And excited. And nervous. And giddy. And anxious.

I was the only Dunbar with so many emotions. Although, I didn’t cry as we dropped Monkey off at his classroom and were told that the bell had rung and the school day was about to begin. I smiled as I remembered being “on the other side” asking moms and dads to leave. God knew what he was doing on nearly 10 years ago when He entrusted 20 little souls to my care. He was preparing me for the day when my own little guys would be sitting down with brand new pencils and crayons and tennie shoes (and underwear) waiting to begin the new school year.

They just wanted to get on with their day.

August 828 August 832 August 835

Yesterday was Bogie’s orientation and Classroom Welcome. Today was his first day of school. This teacher, I am already loving. She’s got kids from college all the way to elementary school, and a laugh that is contagious. Sometimes you just get a feeling that somebody is just going to love your kid, well, yup, I think she’s going to love my Bogie. 

 August 867-1

Just to prove I was actually there. Here’s the proof. Real documentation, a bathroom pic. I was washing his hands after school, I looked up, had my camera around my should and told Bogie, “Hey smile.”

August 871-1

And since the first day of Kindergarten was madness and I didn’t get any good shots with his teacher, I figured what’s the second day?  So here’s Monkey with his Kinder teacher.

August 876

But alas, no milestone in Monkey’s life would be complete with out Lukie. Poor thing was crying this morning waiting for Monkey. Two peas in a pod they are.

August 879

When  I asked Monkey what the highlight of his day was in Kindergarten he said, “Basketball. Lukie and I were stealing everyone else's balls and then shooting them.”


Glad we’ve got playground etiquette down pat.

~mrs. dunbar


The Frat Pack + Me said...

I love that you took the "bathroom" photo! It is so precious! You will treasure that in years to come!

jen@odbt said...

They are so cute! Glad they both had great first days!.Monkey is going to rock kindergarten!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

looks like they are both off to a great start. and just think now you get some quiet time with your littlest man for a change. Hope they both have a great school year

Janna said...

can you believe how fast it goes by? My baby stared kindergarten today and my son is in 4th grade!!!!! your boys are so stinking cute - i know I say it every time, but they are!!

Robin said... adorable! You did good. I cried the first day of school...I cried the last day of school too :) And I totally know Bogie's teacher. Long story short... we were camping in Doheeny and she noticed Camron with us. She has a son the same age and came and introduced herself so we could get the kids together. Well, you can probably guess the rest. We have the same name, they live in Riverside etc. Small world.
Anyway, your guys are adorable as always. Guess we won't see you at pre-school. Enjoy your three hours with just you and your little man :)

Megan said...

Your boys are so sweet. I remember those feelings, and my heart can still swell listening to your story! Enjoy the quiet time with baby boy and racing to pick the boys up from school in the afternoon.

jules said...

I remember those days so well. They are both exciting and so emotional for us mothers. Soon I get to start it all over again with my grandchildren.

Genn said...

I hope they are loving being back to school. Such cute pictures of them Irene.
It is a great feeling when you know the teacher is going to love your child. That's great.

Hope the hair is FUH-a-Bulous for you!! ;)