Friday, September 9, 2011

playing, playing, playing

Mr. Dunbar’s boss gave us their playset. Her kids have outgrown it, and well, as it was free, we just couldn’t pass it up. It’s been weathered, but its solid and with the beating that my three boys will give it, it’ll do. A few days ago he and my dad set it up in my MIL’s backyard.

 September 031  September 036 September 032September 041 September 042 September 050September 060September 047  September 051 September 054 

On Labor Day the boys went surfing. Well, pool surfing, that is. September 077 September 086September 083  September 088

These guys were lovin’ their Hebrew National hotdogs.

September 090  September 093Ben-Ben was there. Hi Ben!September 091Popeye couldn’t figure out how Ben had grown so quickly.   September 102

Popeye, that isn’t Ben, that’s his big brother. That’s what he’s going to look like in 6 years. September 105

See the similarity?

September 091  September 105


Well, its Friday. Hallelujah!!

We’re going to try and beat the heat with an early soccer game and then some family time perhaps watching some movies in our jammies on the couch.

September 073

~mrs. dunbar


jules said...

We have a playset like that we built when our kids were little. I just put a fresh coat of dark brown stain on it this summer....good as new!

Megan said...

Recycled playsets rock. We have one and I love that it was free! Cute pics.

Nicolle said...

The playset is awesome! I am sure your boys are totally enjoying it. Oh how I love hand me downs and recycling old toys! :)

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

free, wow you so can't beat that! I'm sure it will get just a bit of use by your crew

The Frat Pack + Me said...

Oh, we loved our playset days! Your Friday night sounds so good!

The Salinas Family said...

That looks like a a really sturdy and fun playset! Sometimes things that are older are so much better quality! And....I love that you get to get games out of the way prior to your weekends!

Mrs. C... said...

Free is my kind of price range! Wait till you see all the things that playset will become...fort, pirate ship, Battle Star, Jedi...the possibilities are truly endless.

Janna said...

I swear your boys get cuter by the day. That play set is a total SCORE!!! My kids love the pool surfing too. :) Oh, and I have a new blog since I'm discontinuing the old one.

Cindy said...

Wow...that playset is cool! A brand new one would look that in a few years anyway, so i say go second hand!:)
we need a family movie night in our jammies too.
have a happy day