Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Soccer Family

Monkey had his first game of the season on Saturday. Only catch, the opponents didn’t show up. No joke. We had two fields and the only ones warming up and putting on their game faces were these little Warrior Sharks. Nobody else. But since there were eight of them and about 45 parents and grandparents who came out to watch, they played four on four with turned in jerseys.

 September 182September 177  September 192 September 193 September 194 


 September 198September 196

My favorite shot of the day.September 197

G-Man came to the game decked out in his own little soccer warm-up jersey.September 174September 175 

Bogie was out there pretending to be a Landon Donovan soccer superstar. September 186September 187 

Then he came in to hug his baby brother.  September 219

But, are you ready for this? It gets even better, Mr. Dunbar is coaching and I am the Team Mom. We are now the all-american soccer family. Now all I need is a mini-van and the some bumper stickers. I

feel like there should be a theme song playing here. Can you hear it? 

Kudos to us. September 222

And just because I like this shot so much

and I’m hoping you’re having a goal-scoring kind of day.

Here you go one more time.

September 197

(I wish I felt this way about cleaning the bathroom.) 

~mrs. dunbar


Genn said...

What a cute post Irene.
ANd what a cute soccer couple you guys make. No, scratch that, soccer family!

Love yoru fav shot of the day too. And yeah, I wish I felt that way about cleaning the bathroom too. ;)

Ali said...

Wow!! Monkey looks SOOOOO grown up in these shots! What fun! I'm enjoying not needing to run all around for sports events quite yet, because I'm sure my day will come soon!

jen@odbt said...

Great action shots. We're a soccer family too but added in football this year. Throw on that soccer magnet with pride!

The Frat Pack + Me said...

wow! You captured some priceless shots!

Simply...Me said...

bahahah i wish i felt like that about cleaning also! Great pics!

Megan said...

Aw, I love kid's fall soccer! Great pictures and great sportsmanship!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

can't believe the other team didn't show up and glad to see they made the best of it. I love soccer, as you can probably guess already from my blog

Mrs. C... said...

Classic win for the first game! I wish I felt that way when I had to get up before 6am! I do feel that way when I get my first sip of coffe! :) Mwah, and can't wait to see you on the field Saturday!

Cindy said... are knee deep in it too! Riley is so much more into it this year. And it's getting more fun to watch too:)
Boy those are great shots. I need a new lens...or someone to watch my two year old so I can get closer!!:)
have a happy day

Nicolle said...

I've thought about soccer for Boyd. I think he would love it. Your shots here are so good, and your favorite shot of the day is awesome! Isn't is funny how we turn into those mini-van driving, soccer moms that we joked about when we were younger. Yet, we love it and wouldn't change it! :)

Cathy said...

Dear, Lord! I can't believe that is G-Man!!! Those are some great shots -- you talented photographer! And isn't it grand when someone takes lemons ("where's the other team?!") and makes lemonade ("we'll play each others!") Love that :)