Thursday, September 8, 2011

These days…

are adventurous.

are for learning new things.

September 012

These days are for smiles.

and growth.

and hope.

September 014

These days are for acceptance.

and for trust.

and for celebrations. mini celebrations. and big ones too.

September 015

These days are for practicing, pursuing.

falling down and getting back up.


September 025September 019

Mr. Dunbar always seems to remind me of why we have “these days.” 

(He’s special like that.)

September 023   

I’ve needed some big reminders lately. With school back in session, we are go-go-go, all of the time. It seems like its a non-stop “Put your shoes on, go potty, wash your hands, hurry up, get your lunch, brush your teeth, buckle your straps, stop kicking my seat” whirlwind. I’ve been that nagging kind of mom, and ugh, I don’t like it. So I’m up at at ‘em early, planning my days and getting ready before they rise, so that I’m not adding to the hurried frazzled mornings, but rather enjoying them. I can be so quick to reprove or lecture or scold. So quick. But I’d rather take the time to cherish, and love, and teach. Why is the former so much easier?  Why is nurturing and guiding harder to remember than the admonishment that is so quick to roll off of my tongue?

These days, today, I am going to be a mom who celebrates each of my kids. A mom who it slow to reprimand and quick to offer praise and encouragement.

Who’s with me?

~mrs. dunbar


jules said...

Those dark brown eyes are mesmerizing!

Gabe said...

Hello. . .found you through Cindy's blog and glad I did.

Lovely post and a wonderful reminder to enjoy admist the chaos!

Genn said...

You're so right Irene. Great post. Lovely reminder.
And yes, I am with you.

ps- popeye is getting SO big! And I think he looks just like you!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

I hear you on this one. It's so easy to point out the wrong and forget the right. To see the wrong as wrong and not an opportunity to learn and grow. Hope this morning was calmer for you

jen@odbt said...

Great reminders. Thank you...much needed this week.

AGohl said...

You have such precious looking little boys!

The Frat Pack + Me said...

Me!!! {insert me frantically waving my arms}

Megan said...

Well said. What a great reminder. I think you are spot on with getting up early and being prepared. Thanks for the sweet reminder to slow down and make our moments count.

Simply...Me said...

I agree with Megan...well said and thank you I have been feeling the same way. I will quiet my soul... Enjoy the moments because they will be older sooner than we know it.

Mrs. C... said...

Oh, I am with you, but then some of reality hits. There are things that my kids "forgot how to do" over the summer, and training has begun again. However, after the chaos, I have been trying to praise each kid individually for what they did that rocked my morning in the positive way. One reason why I cherish the weekend....NO crazy Mom allowed - especially going to 11 service! :) Um....and don't let Popeye walk yet...I am not ready for that ;)