Wednesday, January 4, 2012

In the spirit of being up since 4am

Somebody woke up at 4:22am. Usually its Mr. Dunbar, I hear him stretch and then slip out of bed. But this morning it was the Baby, restless and unsettled. So I got up and fed him, then tried to put him back in his bed. Screams soared, so I picked him back up. Teething sucks. So I rocked him with a blanket over the both of us until I heard him start to breathe heavily and then I got up and tried to lay him back in the crib. Again, screams soared, so picked him back up and tried to rock him again….

As I was rocking him I thought of this year and I wanted to actually categorize and organize my goals. {I’m a bit of a type-A}

Anyhow, in no particular order…

This Year 2012:

Be Content: Focus on the blessings I do have

Be Wise: Spend more time daily in the Word and my understanding of it

Be Healthy: Workout 3-4 times a week, continue to improve our menu with healthy and tasty choices, especially snacks for myself.

Be Smart: Shut my mouth when mean words are ready to fly off of it. Listen, really listen. Watch that checkbook (ATM card actually.) Go back up to goal number one: Be content. And embrace new opportunities.

Be Happy: My life is good. Oh so good. I need to remember this and to treasure the small things and the milestones that will be reached this year.

Be Calm: Things will get done. When I am calm this home is also. So get up earlier if I need to get something done.


These are from the day after Christmas. Remember, calm. Breathe. Calm.


The kid loves the cell phone, do you see him eyeballing it?


Calm. It will get done….



Now I’m off to have a strong cup of coffee, play with a baby, and scrub some floors.


jen@odbt said...

I love when the house is decorated for Christmas but there is something calm about getting the house back in order. Hope that happened for you today and maybe a nap too :) Happy New Year friend!

SZM said...

The photo of him eyeballing the cell phone is hilarious!

Gabe said...

It's so hard to live in the chaos, huh!!

I'm on my fourth or fifth cup of java myself! Some days are just like that!

Lori said...

it's hard to live in the moment sometimes. but at the same time do you want your kiddos to remember you having a perfect house or a mom who loves to spend time with them? having everything they want or having what they need? Sometimes it's ok to just step over the pile of toys and go on with life. (o:

{cindy} said...

What a great, great list!! i could say a big "AMEN" to all of them and practically copy your list word for word!:)
calm is so important...and you are right, however we are is how the house is! Funny (and annoying) how it works that way huh?
have a happy night

Anonymous said...

Your little guy has gotten so big!! I had my new little man, Peter Abraham, 5 days ago. Up a lot and tired, but so content and loving every minute. Too busy to blog these days, but wanted to let you know that I still read your blog, and enjoy seeing how your beautiful family is doing.

Genn said...

Traci, how exciting! Congrats... as if you will see this...

And Irene,
Again, another great post.
Loved your categorized list.
Sorry you had such an early am start this morning. I hope your strong cup of coffee was helpful!