Thursday, January 26, 2012

Snippets from our week

doctors office




playing games, we make up our own rules, so we win every time.


silly faces caught on tape


rainy day movie and popcorn (with marshmallows)


my boys love jillian as much as I do.


chunk loves the vacuum. I will remind him of this ten years from now.


bath time. oh how I love bath time.



Genn said...

Cute snippets from your week.

And cute wiww post.
I agree with your Gap comment!
Waif models, blah colors, boring sweaters, too preppy and kinda expensive! I'm needing a new go to store these days.

Shannon said...

Love bathtime too, they look so cute afterward ahd smell good too ;)
Hope you and your boys have a great warm weekend!!!

jen@odbt said...

Baby has gotten so big! Guess we'll be seeing more pics of him upright...guess his rolling days are over. We do popcorn and marshmallows too and maybe m&m's too.

Mrs. C... said...

I thought "Bath" time was over, but alas both of mine took one earlier this week. Ahhhhh. Bubba even played in the bath which was precious, and a moment to savor. Have a great weekned!

AGohl said...

Awwwww... your youngest gets cuter and cuter with every picture! Such a beautiful family. :)

Amber said...

ummm when did H turn into such a big boy??? he was just a baby a few weeks ago.

Lori said...

too cute. love the faces in the rear view mirror too cute. looks like fun times

Nicolle said...

Love the faces caught in the rearview mirror. Made me smile! Boyd loves our vacuum too. He wants to push it with me, and although that slows down my cleaning, I try to have some patience with him.....and same here, 10 years from now I will have to remind him how much he loved it. :)