Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A little breakfast, a little reading

My breakfast this morning. Yum. IMG_0368

I didn’t make it. It came out of that box back there. Even more yum. When I was a kid and we would go to the mall, my mom would buy two Cinnabon cinnamon rolls and she’d cut them in half and that’d be our share. When I was in high school/ college my brother and I would each buy our own roll and then cut out the middle, he’d take the middle and I’d take the two outer rings. Yum. Either way Cinnabon cinnamon rolls equal happiness to me.

I don’t count them as calories. That’d take the fun out of it.


I found the  Chunk reading in his brothers’ room this morning. IMG_0371bw

Of course he decided to start reading after he’d made a disaster of emptying bins out. IMG_0372IMG_0373IMG_0375

He’s brilliant already.


Eric and Jenny said...

What a happy ordinary every day post loved it. Those are the sweet moments in life reading and cinnamon rolls!

Sarah said...

Lovely shots of your little man reading to himself! xxx

Robin said...

Love Cinnabon! Love simple mornings :) Enjoy!

Genn said...

I want a cinnabon roll now. Looks so good. Of course those calories don't count.

Love the reading pics too. A genius already of course. Love the hardwoods you have too. I would love to rip all of our carpet out and get wood but not in this house.

ps- i am dying to know what it is that mr dunbar said!

and also, anniversary sale shopping would be great. i already have a must buy item on my list for that sale! :)

Shannon said...

He is too cute, love how he is sitting in that chair!
Oh Cinnabon!! My mom used to take me their on our mall shopping trips, now I need to go pick some up ;)

Megan said...

I have never had a Cinnabon and I think I need to fix that. They opened one right across the road from me, so why haven't I been there? They have a drive thru! I will report back to you as soon as I have fixed this.

And as for that sweet baby boy, nothing makes my heart happier than a child and a book. Looking and turning pages...priceless.

{cindy} said...

oh Cinnabon...we had one in the food court near my college town mall! oh the memories!!:) pillsbury doesn't quite get it if you know what i mean!:)
and babies reading...the sweetest.
have a happy day