Sunday, April 8, 2012

Snippets of Spring Break

Dentist appointments with Dr. Crystal. No cavities!!! Hooray. Monkey is getting his first four adult molars, Bogie has six months to kick a bad habit, and Chunk just may be missing three teeth instead of two. (Keeping our fingers crossed for that not to be the case.)IMG_9823IMG_9825IMG_9828IMG_9829IMG_9831IMG_9834

Twister, or as Bogie calls it “Twisted”


We saw some cousins. One of them had GROWN.IMG_9898IMG_9904IMG_9909IMG_9913

The swing of UGH. Just for the record, two of these kids upchucked their lunch prior to leaving the park. I hope they learned their lesson. IMG_9922


We played lots of Legos. Lots of them.



Had a swim date with the Buds. Chicken nuggets and strawberries included.IMG_9942IMG_9983IMG_9988

And ended our week with soccer practice. I’ll let you guess who’s practice it was.


We also played with some other friends but somehow I didn’t get any photos of them. Sad smile Next time Valenti’s!!!

Another week of fun in the Dunbar home.

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Jensamom23 said...

Those swings are the worst things on the planet! Been there, done that! Ughghgh.....