Sunday, March 15, 2009

He's Dino-rrific

And he's ONE! Bogie had his first birthday.
We celebrated with a dinosaur themed party. It was a nice day and he was surrounded by family.
Here are a few pictures of our day.

With four big chompers on the top, this kid went to town on the food.
They look so happy, don't they?

Bogie discovered dino-buddies and ketchup.

He got this walking toy and took off. Can you see the chompers?

Pond Water and Dinosaur Bones
(bottled water and white chocolate covered pretzels)

Herbivore Salad and fruit
(No pictures of the salad but it was scrumptious. Here's the fruit platter.)

Carnivorous Sandwiches
(Turkey, chicken, or roast beef, Thanks Judy!)

Swamp Juice
(Sprite, vanilla icecream, and some green food coloring.)

Cousins playing on the slide.

Grandma Susie and Cousin (Doctor) Jamie feeding Bogie cake.

Daddy filming.

I wore my Cora Paige pin. It was bittersweet, knowing that I was celebrating the birthday of my baby, who had so many issues before birth and her parents were side swiped with her short life. Cora would have been about a week older than my Bogie.
Do you see the frosting on his foot? That's about how interested in the cake he was. See that blue lighter? That was more interesting. And presents, he didn't get that either, just kept crawling was a good day.
Lots of love and fun.
Dear Bogie,
Happy Birthday, Bogster. I love you dearly. I am so glad that you are one. You make me laugh every single day, even though you are giving me gray hair.
Love, Mommy


Anonymous said...

I am still dying that we missed it! OMG, I am such a loser! When I was cleaning the house today, there was the invitation underneath all of my junk! So sorry, but it definitely was a good laugh!

jen@odbt said...

Happy Birthday to your Bogie! Love the pic of him with the walking toy. What a fun party...the swamp juice looks yummy. LOL - so true about the gray hair.

Julie McCoy said...

a year already?! How is this possible? Glad it went well!

Heidi Thompson said...

I can't believe that it has been a year either!

Looks like a very well organized & thought out party! Great job Lady Dunbar!

edie said...

Look at your cute self with that adorable flower pin! love. it.