Monday, March 2, 2009

Every so often

We have all of my family here in California. Most within a 30 minute drive. We see everyone pretty often. Even most of Mr. Dunbar's family lives here with the exception of his brother. Mr. Dunbar's brother and his family live out of state and we only see them every so often, like twice a year. This past week they came into town to attend Auntie Jean's funeral and they stayed a few extra days to visit. It's always nice to see them, it's getting even more eventful now that they have two kids also.

These two are exactly ten months apart and with differing personalities it will be interesting to see how their relationship unfolds throughout the years.
I was like"Here you hold the chunk (Bogie), I want the itty baby."
Baby Luc is only 9 weeks old.
My Bogie with his ever serious face.
Here is a close up of the baby. I wanted to squeeze him the whole time he was here. He even snorts... like all of the time. His shirt says "Save the planet for me."

Last time they came we all took a picture in front of the fire place. I don't think Bogie was even in it, but its definetely the first time for baby Luc. Amazingly everyone is looking at the camera.


Mrs. C... said...

Great pictures, and glad you had a good visit with Mr. Dunbar (who I still haven't met!) Also, good job Mr. D, you didn't blink at the camera either!!! HA!!

jen@odbt said...

Visits with cousins are always the best. You are one good looking family.

Anonymous said...

Cute shot! I am impressed that you got everyone to look AT THE SAME TIME! That never happens in our household. There is always one stinker looking away. I hope you guys are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Alright, you look entirely too good as a mother of wee ones :)

Lisa said...

Love getting family together and especially watching cousins interact.

Glad you all are feeling better, too. We've had a rough stretch here, but I'm glad to be getting it out of the way before spring comes. (I know that doesn't apply to where you live. :)