Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just have to get started...

I've been writing blog posts in my mind for the past 5 days and have yet to get to the computer long enough to actually post something. And now that my fingers are typing, I have nothing particular to write about. How ironic. But I figure it's like anything the first step is always the hardest, you've just got to get in there and get started.

The weather has finally decided to get a bit cooler. The climate should top out in the 70's today. Wow, that's fall for you. Mr. Dunbar's cousin is completing her hospital residency in Montana and they got their first snow there yesterday. Her comment "Holy God." I thought that was funny, being that she is a California sunshine kind of girl. It made me laugh and wonder at how she is going to fare two years there. I'm feeling a need to go visit her... Mr. Dunbar what do you think? (We visited Cousin Jamie in Australia a few years back. Montana is like a quarter of the distance away.)

On another note, I opted out of my Mom's Group this year for various reasons and I must admit that I am enjoying my mornings with Bogie. We ran a few errands this morning (Target and Carter's) and now he is sleeping and I am blogging, with a few chores left to do before we pick up the Monkey. But I don't feel rushed on Tuesday and Thursday mornings this season, which is good. I always hate to be the mom that is constantly saying "Hurry up. We're late. We've got to get going." If I am prepared and not in a hurry then I feel like that will transpire over to my men and their lives won't be rushed either. We live in Southern California where everything and everyone is in a hurry. My boys will feel the rush soon enough in their lives. I'd like them to enjoy life for a little bit atleast. I also feel like I have time now to be home. Like really BE HOME. And also cultivate a few relationships that need some cultivating or build some relationships that need some building. More on that later, I'm hardly a Melissa Lester but I do enjoy a tea party every now and again. So we'll see how I do this season.

And to close this random post, the boys were excavating last night.
Here are a few pics of the excavation.


Cathy said...

You should definitely visit Montana! I so want to visit my childhood best friend/sister there but going to Europe would probably be cheaper and faster :) You inspire me to hurry less -- good for you to "schedule" down time!

Green grapes will be perfect for my recipe. I have no idea why the recipe calls for red, too. Can you tell I'm a rule-follower?! Let me know how much you love them :)

Genn said...

I was just talking with my brother the other day about that feeling of always being in a hurry. It is unfortunate that everyone seems to be so hurried in Southern Ca. When we visit my husband's family in Idaho, the pace instantly feels slower and just different.

Cute pics of yoru boys excavating. Do you have a SLR camera?

To answer your Q about WoodRanch, it is in the Dos Lagos shopping center in Corona. It's pretty tasty.

Anonymous said...

hey! i totally understand! i do not like to feel rushed or make my children feel rushed! it is not a good way to start the day! what a good mama! did the boys find something good?

jen@odbt said...

Great attitude. With the kids in school, I feel like I'm always barking and rushing to get out the door. I have to work on that. Thanks for the reminder. I hope the boys found something fun like dinosaur bones or something.

Lori said...

I totally know what you mean about not wanting to be a rushed mom. I about lose my mind anytime we have to be somewhere at 9am! :)