Thursday, October 15, 2009

A few things to enjoy this autumn

Mini-pumpkins on the kitchen table. "One of them is the mommy, one is the daddy, one is the Monkey and the lil one is Bogie," according to my Monkey of course.

I am in love with this deep red scarf from Anthropologie. All things scarf and all things red are so posh. Did you see Nie in her red hat?

I love to wake up and light one of these candles, it automatically makes the house feel
warmer and cozier.
Bath and Body seriously came out with a great line this season, you can't go wrong with any of these scents.

And of course my men watching football on Sundays.
Don't they look so enthused?
Maybe their team was losing... who knows, maybe it was nap time.

And I won this awesome Lisa Leonard Designs necklace. So I will really be enjoying that this season. (Pictures to come soon.) I Love Lisa and Edie, go check them out. Thanks so much ladies.


jen@odbt said...

My kids do the same exact thing with the little pumpkins! Congrats again on your win - enjoy your new bling.

Anonymous said...

I love autumn too! It is such a nice change from the heat of summer :)

Anonymous said...

i love all of these wonderful things! and congrats on the lisa necklace! i think i have signed up for almost all the lisa giveaways but havent been lucky yet! cant wait to see what you pick!

Anonymous said...

hey friend! i forgot! yes, the cricut is easy and great fun! so many things you can create! thanks for the sweet comment! xo

Cathy said...

You take the greatest pictures! That one on the couch is perfection. I saw that you won the necklace on Edie's blog and got so excited for you! (And for me..."I KNOW her! I know her!")