Sunday, October 18, 2009

Did your weekend look like ours?

95 degrees outside
Who would have thought the boys would be playing in the water in their boardshorts?

We made a trek over to the local pumpkin patch.
It was the old school one with bean and hula hoop tosses, 50cent candies, and homemade crafts. Not too much more.
Mr. Dunbar said that it was the type of pumpkin patch he went to as a kid, unlike the BIG one we'll visit next week. I said I don't remember going to the pumpkin patch.

Is this just the funniest picture or what?

"Don't you take another picture of me!! I'm warning you..."


And together:

(Can someone please tell me how I get pictures side-by-side in Blogger???)


Lori said...

Wow - no hat, gloves or big coat at the pumpkin patch?! I'm so jealous! :) (And no idea about the pictures, though I'd love to learn how as well!)

Nancy said...

So cute. So much fun! I haven't taken my girls to the pumpkin patch yet. It was smokin hot here too. I need a little nip in the air! I use Picnik (free, rad website!) to make a collage and save as a jpeg on my computer. You can add text there too and photo edit. Check it out, if you haven't been there already! :)

jen@odbt said...

Your boys are too cute! I'm jealous of your warm weather. We had the coldest/rainiest week ever in October. Poor pumpkins were water logged. I don't remember going to the patch either.

Pictures - I also do all my editing etc with
I think in Blogger, you have to set up your pictures to left justify then move them either in html mode or cut & paste.

Mrs. C... said...

Can you tell me how to post more than one, with words in between???? Cute picts, as always.....going to the pumpkin patch is to me the highlight of fall. That and Pie!

Julie McCoy said...

Our Saturday looked just like yours :) hose and splash pool in the back yard!

The Flying Bee said...

They are ADORABLE! I am looking forward to taking my boys soon. Have a wonderful Monday!


Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I'm kind of jealous.

we were all bundled up this weekend...

Genn said...

Looks like a fun warm weekend in Southern California! Cute pictures!

I also use picnik to edit my photos and make side by side collages. Then you just save the image to your computer, and upload to blogger.

We haven't been to the pumpkin patch yet. I've been hoping for a bit of a cooler opportunity to go.

theonewhere said... is brook from kennedy. i like to visit your blog from time to time to visit two seriously adorable boys. you are such a lucky mommy to be able to stay home with such handsome little men. :)

Tawny said...

Adorable pictures! I wish I were home to play in the water with Sammy!
Which P Patch did you go to? We've been to a couple around here...maybe Irvine this week? I can't get enough of them, I love fall...not if only the weather would cool off!