Friday, February 5, 2010

Love Weeks-Day 5

The dinner.

Mr. Dunbar's favorite thing to eat is Nachos.
He loves em. Like really loves them.
So when I decided to make his favorite dinner for him, I got off the hook pretty easy.

I always use foil, sprayed LIGHTLY with olive oil. Then I put one layer of chips down topped with cheese, put in the broiler, just enough to let the cheese melt. Once that happens, I top with another layer of chips and cheese, put back into the broiler, just enough for the top layer of cheese to melt. At the end I add all of the toppings, chicken, homemade refried beans, avocado, sour cream, and today jarred salsa.  I know I know, should have made the real thing. Next time.
I ate some, but he mainly finished off this tray of nachos.
It's his one food weakness.
Me? I have like thirty food weaknesses, like this month; Girl Scout Cookies.
But this dinner wasn't about me, it was about him.

Does your husband have a favorite dinner?


jen@odbt said...

I think nachos are on our "to snack on" list for the snow weekend. They look delish. What a great wife you are!

Katie said...

oh don't those look just delish!!!!

patty said...

i love how you melted cheese in between each layer... 'cause i get disappointed in those cheeseless chips!! looks yuuuMMMMy! i just made a very easy taco soup that would go great with his nacho dinner.. and it's pretty healthy, too... i'll have to post it soon! :)

Martha said...

I am soooo hungry for those right now...and those avocados...just made even so more:)

Tawny said...

YUMMMYY!!! I love all of your days for LOVE! Joe loves EVERYTHING homemade...probably because it is not something that happens often, unless it's the summer months!

The Flying Bee said...

OMGsh! This looks sooo yummy! I miss ya my friend! So sorry it takes me forever to come by and say hi! I just wanted to tell ya that I caught up on all your last few posts and WOW! I love them all! The and Mrs. C look amazing! Oh, and all your great little projects...that I will have to try! So much good stuff girlie!

Have a great weekend!